Teolo, Italy- 2013 Padova Grand Prix is now in the books as the first World Cup for the IGSA season.  Thanks go out to all of the racers and volunteers and Special Thanks also go out to Sandro and Luca with Coppa Del Mondo World Cup Downhill.

  dsb podiumOpen Downhill Skateboard  1. Aliex Gallimo  2. Alexandre Brines  3. Melvin Hermann

sl podium
Street Luge  1. Diez Echegheray  2. Abdil Mahdzan  3. Luca Santolamazza
jdsb podium
Junior Downhill Skateboard  1. Melvin Hermann  2. Marcus Aldinucci  3. Giorgio Garino
cl podium
Classic Luge  1, Diez Echegheray  2. Pablo Fouz Rey  3. Luca Santolamazza
Big Air Street Luge