Teolo, Italy - Now it's only a few more days until the Padova Grand Prix will host the World Championship.

It starts off with a very fast section leading to hard braking right then into six switch backs with a right then fast left to the finsh line with an average grade of 12%

Teolo Track Map

Defending 2014 Champions
Downhill Skateboard - Carlos Correia-Paixao BRA
Womens Downhill Skateboard - Cristina Verdu-Rico ESP
Junior 2 Skateboard - Patrick Lombardi ESP
Street Luge - Mikel Echegaray ESP
Classic Luge - Jan Tarradas ESP
Downhill Inline - Etienne Herreros FRA


The 14th IGSA World Championship will be held in Teolo , Italy July 30 to August 2, 2015

Big Air Street Luge