Walter Ribeiro QualifyingWalter Baresi set the pole in Classic.  Photo Credit: Fruke Alves

Teutônia, Brazil - Walter Baresi set a new speed record for Classic Luge.  Brazilian Walter Baresi, whom holds the IGSA Street Luge speed record just achieved today the IGSA Classic Luge speed record reaching 127km/h overtaking the record of American Chris Mcbride.

This is the 10th anniversary of Teutônia and after the strong rain that poured down yesterday a very sunny day shined above the fastest track of the world and a 2nd qualification was underway for all categories.

 Carlos Paixao Top Qualifier-leecation-creditGuto Negão confirm the pole for the Open class.  Photo Credit: Lee Cation

On Men´s Downhill 5 top positions were unchanged and Brazilian Carlos Paixão retain the lead with the 119km/h achieved yesterday which is the new speed record of Teutônia track.

 Georgia Bontorin Womens QualifyingGeorgia Bontorin, first in the Women qualy.  Photo Credit: Fruke Alves

Georgia Bontorin is the fastest in the Women's class.

 Alexandre Machado SL QualifyingPhoto Credit: Wollong Board Store

Alexandre Machado is the faster qualifier of the event at a 1:15.050 and is the learder in the Street Luge class.

 Inline BoardPhoto Credit: Wollong Board Store

Danillo Sanfer QualifyingPhoto Credit: Wollong Board Store

Dirt Surfer and Inline categories were a special demonstration of high class downhill sports and the best and fastest riders were attending the festival such as American Scott Peer, French Alexandre Lebrun, Italian Sandro Sandrino,  Aurio Cristiano from Angola, Jaime Gerardo from Peru besides the best Brazilian talents as last year winner Steve Canona on Inline.

For tomorrow the top speed records of Street Luge has to be broken and we´ll announce the highest speed ever achieved on a gravity downhill sport.

Tomorrow´s race day  will eternalize the winners of the fastest race of gravity sports in the world.
Full results of all categories follow aside, tomorrow new World Champions will born.