Carlos Paixão set the new speed record of Teutônia

Guto Negão
Carlos Paixão set the pole position.   Photo Credit: Markos Charão

Teutônia, Brazil -  When the riders and organizers arrived at Teutônia hill in Linha da Harmonia, Teutônia/Brazil this morning they faced the strongest wind storm ever seen before in the hill. Wind blew tail at the top of the hill, side at the big turn and head at the steepest loops turning the track into one of the most scaring experiences one could taste at the Downhill Skateboard so far.

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Wester Win

Teutonia, Brazil - With more then 5000 spectators last year lining the course they were amazed while watching racers compete on the worlds fastest track. 2013 marks the second time the IGSA World Championships are being held in South America.

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Danky Dean Wins at Home

Final Open Danky Dean Kyle WesterDanky Dean Winning at Home.   Photo Credit: Nércio Vargas

Guaíba, Brazil - The first round of the IGSA South American Series has come to an end.  After winning his first World Cup last year in San Luiz – Argentina, Brazilian Danky Dean won the 1st 2013 IGSA South American round in his hometown taking the crowd to a complete ecstasy.

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 RICARDO REIS LEADS THE OPEN CLASSRicardo Reis OpenRicardo Reis leads in Guaiba in the Open Class.   Photo Credit: Nércio Vargas

Guaíba, Brazil - This year has drawn racers from around the world to compete in the first round of the IGSA South American Series.  After the Padova Grand Prix in Teolo, Italy and the legendary NorAm round at Bonely Park in California – USA, the IGSA World Cup Series returns to South America Brazil for its last 3 rounds.

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Big Air Street Luge