Silva Qualifies #1

Muller Clark

Kogelberg, South Africa - Day one kicked off late morning, after registration and greeting new riders. Riders only had practise runs on day one, getting to know the hill and getting accustomed to the conditions.

The racetrack is nestled in a valley, causing the default south-easterly wind to twist, turn and get turbulent around the curves of the mountains. Riders were getting used to head, tail and cross-winds, all in a single run. After a successful day and a few spills, riders retreated to the Hangklip Hotel for showers, nourishment and some character building.

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Kogelberg, South Africa - Come celebrate Hot Heels Africa's 10th year in the making December 6th - 9th 2012.  Hot Heels Africa has been running since December 2003. The last of the IGSA World Cup series and hosted by S.A.G.R.A (South African Gravity Racing Association).  The event is run in the beautiful Kogelberg Biosphere nature reserve an hours drive from Cape Town. Hot Heels Africa has been the deciding race for many top ranked IGSA racers to see who will be No.1 in the world rankings. Riders from around the world have made their way to this intense 1.9km course that demands respect from all downhill racers.

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Kyle Wester Wins Teutonia!

Wester Win 

Teutonia, Brazil - Kyle Wester from Denver, Colorado, USA has won the IGSA Top Skate Pro Teutonia World Cup!  He qualifed in the third spot and faced number one qualifier Carlos Paixão from Brazil in the final.  This is the first World Cup win by Wester who also had victories in the Laguna Seca Invitational and Rubber City Gravity Games earlier this year.  The victory is also significant in that it is the first IGSA World Cup win for his wheel sponsor Road Rider.  Road Rider has been around since te 70's and was the first company to ever put precision bearings in a skateboard wheel.  They've returned to the sport in a big way this year with a massive R&D program that appears to have paid big dividends.


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Carlos Paixão Dominates Qualifying

 Douglas Dalua

Teutonia, Brazil - Carlos Paixão shocked the establishment today when he set the quickest time of the day in qualifying for tomorrow’s Top Skate Pro Teutonia World Cup Open Downhill Skateboarding race. Paixão recorded a time of 1:21.320 seconds on his first run and then showed his consistency on the second run when he ran a time only .130 slower but still fast enough to be the second quickest time of the day. He's won all three rounds of the Brazilian Amateur DH Skate Series this year and has already wrapped up that title. There is a lot of strategy that goes into winning Teutonia so it remains to be seen if Paixão can convert his raw speed and limited experience into a World Cup victory. 

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Big Air Street Luge