Unofficial Speeds of 141 km/h Recorded In Practice

Teutonia Poster

Teutonia, Brazil – The “2012 IGSA Top Skate Pro Teutonia" World Cup is underway in Southern Brazil. After hosting last years’ IGSA World Championship, the fastest track in the world is back for Round #10 of the 2012 IGSA World Cup Series and final round of IGSA South American Series.

On Thursday November 15th, Brazilians celebrated Republic Day, a National Holiday. The organizers added one additional day so all registrations and tech inspections were taken care of. At the end of the day, six practice runs were provided for the competitors.

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Ricardo Reis Wins in Guaiba

Riccardo Ries

Guaíba, Brazil - The fourth round of 2012 IGSA South American Downhill Series was held this weekend in the city of Guaiba in Southern Brazil.  The 5th Mostra Competitiva de Downhill Speed drew an international field of racers in hot, humid conditions.  Rain had been forecast for the weekend but fortunately it stayed away allowing the race to take place in dry conditions.

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Dalua Sets The Pace In Qualifying


Guaiba, Brazil - The Guaiba River, in the state of Rio Grande do Sol, is an important navigation route through Southern Brazil. Located across the river from the State Capital of Porto Alegre is the city of Guaiba. Known by many around the world since the first Mostra Competitiva de Downhill back in 2008, Guaiba hosted many of the top international riders that year. This year, the 5th Mostra Competitiva de Downhill Speed is round #5 of the 2013 IGSA South American Downhill Series

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Dillon Stephens Wins In Peru

Final Felipe-Malaga Dillon

Morro Solar/Lima, Peru -After winning the Copa de Loa Andes last year in Tarma, Peru, Canadian Dillon Stephens returned to Peru to win Copa Ciudad de Los Reyes. It was the third round of the 2012 IGSA South American Series.

In the final, Stephens battled home town Peruvian Felipe Malaga to increase his points lead in the IGSA South American Series.

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Big Air Street Luge