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Douglas Silva Declared the Winner

Silva Bouaich

Peyragudes, France -
Douglas Silva was declared the winner of today's Peyragudes Never Dies IGSA World Cup downhill skateboarding race after dense fog severely limited visibility making the course too dangerous.  Silva was the winner of yesterday's qualifying race that featured the top 124 from Friday's timed qualification runs plus the four top finishers from the Repacharge in twin 64 rider elimination brackets.  A final among the top two finishers from each qualifying bracket was held to determine the top four starting positions.  Silva was the winner of that final heat followed by Patrick Switzer, Thiago Gomes Lessa and James Kelly. 

Since Sunday's final eliminations were canceled due to inclement weather, that heat turned out to be the final.  The remainder of the finishing order was determined how each rider finished in their last heat and their qualifying times from Friday were used to break the ties.

Peyragudes Never Dies

Open Downhill Skateboarding

Top 16 Finishers
1. Douglas Silva, Brazil
2. Patrick Switzer, Canada
3. Thiago Gomes Lessa, Brazil
4. James Kelly, United States
5. Kevin Reimer, Canada
6. Mathias Ebel, Germany
7. Zen Shikaze, Canada/Japan
8. Byron Essert, United States
9. Adam Persson, Sweden
10. Dillon Stephens, Canada
11. Calvin Staub, United States
12. Chip Wood, United States
13. Mischo Erban, Canada
14. Niko Desmarais, Canada
15. Maxim Garant Rousseau, Canada
16. Luke Melo, Canada

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