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Erik 1
Erik Lundberg Prepares for Battle in Bathurst, Australia
Photo- Marcus Rietema

Bathurst, Australia- Reigning IGSA World Cup Series Champion Erik Lundberg (SWE) kicked off the 2008 season exactly where he left off by winning the inaugural Newton’s Playground in Bathurst, Australia.

The 20 year old downhill skateboarding ace from Stockholm, Sweden defeated a truly international field to earn the title and the cash. Ethan Lau (USA) from Hawaii came in a strong second to earn his best World Cup Series finish to date. Top qualifier Scott “Scoot” Smith (CAN) finished third. Olivier Bareaud (FRA) came all the way from the 29th starting position to take fourth. Canadian Anne Harding earned the win in Women’s Downhill Skateboarding.

8196 3
"Forest's Elbow" Claimed it's share of riders.       Photo: Bill Fonseca

In Street Luge Australian Nick Duffield continued with his comback and completely dominated the race. Duffield was the number one qualifier and finished first in all four of his racing heats to take the win. He owned Mount Panorama this weekend. Finishing in second was Australian David Kelly. Earning his second podium of the weekend was Abdil “Furlong” Mahdzan from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After winning the Classic Luge race on Saturday Abdil turned in another great performance. Rounding out the top four was Bill Smrtic of the United States.

davepang7-9Mar08Newtons 0403DHheat-2
Mischo Erban (CAN) and Steve Daddow (AUS)      Photo: David Pang

In other action Sholto Allbrook won in Gravity Bikes and Sean Cunningham was victorious in Downhill Inline Skating. All weekend long the competitors were raving about the Mount Panorama race-course. Everyone agreed that the surface was the best anyone had ever seen. The course was an excellent balance of technical and high speed with Downhill Skateboarding reaching speeds of 100 kph and Street Luge an impressive 110 kph. The Town Council of Bathurst, the Australian Gravity Racing Association (ASRA), all of the volunteers and IGSA Australian Representative Ben Smith must all be commended for their efforts in making Newton’s Playground an incredible IGSA World Cup event.

Bill Smrtic (USA) enroute to a fourth place finish    Photo: Marcus Rietema


Newton's Playground News Report

Plans are already underway to make Newton’s Playground bigger and better next year. Start making plans to be Down Under in March 2009. You won’t want to miss it! 

GS Racing
Giant Slalom racing was also part of the action at Newton's

davepang7-9Mar08Newtons 0179SlalomG-1
ASRA Group Shot. Photo David Pang

Erik 2-1
Kurt Nischel (AUS) helps Erik Lundburg (SWE) celebrate his victory.

Women's Winner Anne Harding (CAN) enjoying Newton's Playground.

Marcus Haggy
Marcus Rietema and ASRA President Haggy Strom are all smiles after the event.

Simon Rollin and the Bathurst Council Crew.

Scoot glow
Scoot Smith (CAN) was glowing at the Newton's After Party.

Newton’s Playground Final Results            
March 7-9, 2008              
Bathurst, Australia                
Place First Surname NAT Points Place First Surname NAT Points
1 Erik Lundberg SWE 450.00 1 Nick Duffield AUS 450.00
2 Ethan Lau USA 432.62 2 David Kelly AUS 432.62
3 Scott (Scoot) Smith CAN 424.37 3 Abdil (Furlong) Mahdzan MAS 424.37
4 Olivier Bareaud FRA 416.84 4 Bill Smrtic USA 416.84
5 Pete Connolly GBR 409.88 5 Cameron Scott AUS 409.88
6 Humberto Melo BRA 403.36 6 David Anderson AUS 403.36
7 Rylan (Raggie) English CAN 397.22 7 Rehn Buchanan AUS 397.22
8 Corey Leeson AUS 391.40 8 Pat Brennan AUS 391.40
9 Mischo Erban CAN 385.84 9 Lee Mclaren AUS 385.84
10 Stephen Daddow AUS 380.52 10 Adam Sparks AUS 380.52
11 Jackson Shapiera AUS 375.41 11 William Stephenson GBR 375.41
12 Kurt Nischel AUS 370.49 12 Josh Broomfield AUS 370.49
13 Jeremy Rogers AUS 365.74 13 Lindsay McGrath AUS 365.74
14 Robert McWhinnie AUS 361.13 14 Damian Andrey SUI 361.13
15 Adam Yates AUS 356.66 15 Andrew Scott AUS 356.66
16 Eddie Spearing NZL 352.32 16 Craig Mears AUS 352.32
17 Austin Moncrieff AUS 348.10 17 Isaac King AUS 348.10
18 David Kelly AUS 343.98 18 Javier Gonzalez AUS 343.98
19 Darren Rose AUS 339.96 19 Richard Powers AUS 339.96
20 Graeme (Kanufi) Akhurst AUS 336.03 20 Chris McBride USA 336.03
21 Anne Harding CAN 332.19 21 Bradley Sterritt AUS 332.19
22 Ashley Donaldson AUS 328.43 22 Troy Davidson AUS 328.43
23 Kevin O'Hara AUS 324.75 23 Daniel Power AUS 324.75
24 Jordan Dombrosky CAN 321.14 24 Leon Smith AUS 321.14
25 Zach Kipp CAN 317.59 25 Clayton Giblett AUS 317.59
26 Matthew Ryan AUS 314.11 26 Simon Godfrey AUS 314.11
27 Craig Bond AUS 310.69 27 Stephen Daddow AUS 310.69
28 Brad Pearson AUS 307.33 28 Adam Higgs AUS 307.33
29 Robert Godfrey AUS 304.02 29 Lee Mur AUS 304.02
30 Nathan Aveyard AUS 300.77 30 Tony Brown AUS 300.77
31 Michael Chidgey AUS 297.56 31 Brett Gray AUS 297.56
32 Gareth Fitzgerald AUS 294.40 32 Paul Stewart AUS 294.40
  33 Damian (Sturgess) James AUS 291.29
34 Ian (Dicko) Dickson AUS 288.22
35 Phillip Champion AUS 285.19
36 Mandy Munro AUS 282.20
37 Benjamin Holcroft AUS 279.25
38 Ben Hogarth AUS 276.34
39 Scott Wyman AUS 273.46
Place First Surname NAT Points Place First Surname NAT Points
1 Sholto Allbrook AUS 450.00 1 Sean Cunningham AUS 450.00
2 Gonz (Peter) Casati AUS 432.62 2 John Reynolds AUS 432.62
3 Brett Phillips AUS 424.37 3 Samuel Herron AUS 424.37
4 Adam Sparks AUS 416.84 4 John Meyer AUS 416.84
5 Pat Brennan AUS 409.88  
6 Scott Wyman AUS 403.36
7 Julian Blackborrow AUS 397.22