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Carlos Paixao IGSA Skateboard World Champion

Carlos Paixao Winner 2

Photo Credit: Wollong Boardshop

Teutônia, Brazil - When anyone familiar with the DH Skateboard listen of Teutônia it´s all about an unique and completely different experience. The ones whom make the dream of coming to Teutônjia for the first time always say it was different from the videos and much more scaried that they expected.
It´s like the whole combination of the jungle, its tropical rain storms, the melting heat, the lizards, the spiders, the insects, the people and the hill, turns into an explosion of crazyness and high concentrated adrenaline carried by strong emotions. The 10th Anniversary of Teutônia was magic, it´s difficult to describe with words.

 Carlos Paixao Winner 3


As the starter sent the Men´s DH Skateboard finals down the fastest track of the world the bells at the church at the top of the hill advised was done. One more World Champion would be crowned and the moon raising at the bottom of the hill welcome everyone to one of the biggest party ever seen.
Race finished 10 minutes before darkness and the Award Ceremony finished 1 hour before the day ends, like that was a day to be lived to its last moment.
Americans A.J. Haiby and William Royce conquest the crowd of Teutônia with their simpathy, friendship and skills. A.J. Haiby crashed hard by trying to avoid another crash in front of him at afternoon´s warm-up and was injured for racing but shown that one of the most talent riders of all times is just starting as he skate his board down the hill like a litlle boy play with his little cars.
After a year working hard for the IDF Series, official Lee Cation came to Brazil, attempt the South American Round at Guaiba and the World Championship at Teutônia, skating as a brother, racing as a rider and confirming that DH Skateboard wants and needs to be United!

Georgia Bontorin IGSA Womens World Champion

Georgia Bontorin Womens 3

Georgia Bontorin Womens 1

Young Brazilian, Georgia Bontorin whom won 2 World Cups last year is now the youngest Women´s DH Skateboard World Champion.

Yan Bertinati IGSA Junior 2 World Champion

Yan Bertinati J2 Winner 1

Yan Bertinati J2 Winner 2


Silon Garcia IGSA Masters World Champion

Silon Garcia Masters Winner 1

Silon Garcia Masters Winner 2


Walter Ribeiro IGSA Classic Luge World Champion

Walter Ribeiro CL Winner 1


Alexandre Machado IGSA Street Luge World Champion

Alexandre Machado SL Winner 1


Formed Street Luge World Champion, Brazilian Walter Baresi won now the Classic Luge World Championship to seat aside fellow Alexandre Machado as Classic and Street Luge World Champions.
Street Luge top speed record was not broken but after injury both feet saturday afternoon, defending champion Rodolpho Saldanha defeat his crown as a real champion to reach the semi finals and pass the crown to Alexandre Machado and remain in Brazil with the formed Classic Luge World Champion. 

Steve Canona IGSA Inline World Champion

Steve Canona Inline Winner 2


 Anderson Oliveira IGSA Inline Board World Champion

Anderson Oliveira INB Winner

Argentina placed 3 riders at Men´s DH Skateboard top 8 and impressed South America with the performances of Mariano Gentili, Santiago Espeche and Agustin Virgolini. Defending Champion from Colorado/USA Kyle Wester battled bravely to retain his title but was beat by Brazilian Max Ballesteros at semis.
Brazilian Carlos Paixão lead the qualifying for the last 2 years and this time he rode a perfect and solid run to become the 1st Brazilian to win the IGSA World Championship at Men´s DH Skateboard.
World Cup Series ranking will be now updated as we head to the last World Cup round at the legendary hill in South of Brazil where defending champion Douglas Dalua started his history.