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Day-1: On the first day we had free ride but in another road or from the other side of the mountain Cold Izoard, the free ride started in the afternoon where Beni Weber streetluge done 125km/h in the GPS and Bati Swiss guy done 110km/h in standup, the road was nice with two small bumps, great to see the riders go really fast inside the small village.


Day-2: We had free ride in the morning, more than 80 standup riders, 33 streetlugers, 4 standup girls, after the great lunch the two qualify runs for standupstarted and after standup te streetluge qualify where the French guy Sébastien Tournissac FR (SC8) done the best time in standup also in streetluge. Top speed from Martin Siegrist 75km/hour in the straight party after finish line.

Only 64 riders qualify in standup, in streetluge the game was really close, only 16 riders qualify. 


Day-3: Early in the morning we got 03 runs for free ride and after the buttboard qualify and inline qualify started, three french guys also had opportunity to make qualify run in standup in the race day. After the lunch supposed to start the standup race, after a few hits from standup the organization realized that the hits was wrong because the last three guys who did qualify sunday morning. Well after a short break we started again the hits after the first level 64 riders, the race was really hard for everybody, my second hit looks like a semi final.

The Izoard is amazing place, this year the contest get bigger than the last year but for me the organization didnˊt realize that the structure also needs to get bigger, we had more riders but the same number of toilettes from the last year, only two for more than 100 riders. Also sometimes the organization only spoke French, well if you do a Continental Cup it's great if you have somebody who can speak good English for the internacional riders (Brazil, Sweden), this small things need more attention in the future.


1. Martin Siegrist CH (Airflow)

2. Stefan Ruffli CH

3. Frank Ulhmann CH (Aloha / Magun)

4. Adrien Barrat FR (SC8)

5. Sébastien Tournissac FR (SC8)

6. Pascal Blondeau FR

7/8? Jojo Martinez FR (Lush)(REB/Evolone)

7/8? Fredrik Lindstrom SW (Landyachtz) 


1. Sébastien Tournissac FR (SC8)

2. Loic Zaccaro FR (SC8)

3. Craig Deltour FR (Rock4crew)

 Street Luge:

1. Gauthier Dekyndt FR (Alsace Downhill)

2. Loic Zaccaro FR (SC8)

3. Sébastien Tournissac FR(SC8)