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Part 3 of 3

HH3 Juliano sk8-2
Juliano Cassemiro - Rock & Roll at HiAdventure. Photo Marcus Rietema

Brazil - The final days of the Hill Hunters Tour were spent in the vicinity of Aguas Mornas  and concluded in Florianopolis.  In Aguas Mornas we stayed at Pousada Cascata Das Bromelias, an incredibly beautiful pousada situated at the base of a large waterfall in the middle of the jungle.  There was a large central building complete with kitchen, bar, tv room and pool room.

It was a beautiful place to stay in an exotic  jungle setting.  The place is truly paradise! Everyone enjoyed the luxury accommodations after the long days of skating and filming.  The skaters spent the last day of riding making numerous runs on different hills.  Bricin Lyons even took some runs bare foot! 

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Day 5: Aguas Mornas

HH3 Cottages
Cottages at the Pousada Cascata Das Bromelias.  Photo Marcus Rietema

HH3 Scoot Crutch
Ethan Lau made this crutch for Scoot so he could get around.  Photo Marcus Rietema

HH3 lg room
Main building at Cascata Das Bromelias.  Photo Marcus Rietema

HH3 Dinner
Dinner awaits the Hill Hunters.  Photo Marcus Rietema

HH3 Pool Room
Ethan, Scoot, Striker, Henrique and Andre enjoying the pool room.  Photo Marcus Rietema
Day 6: Goodbye's and Florianopolis Skate Party

HH3 Final Group
Final group shot of the remaining Hill Hunters before we split up.  Photo Marcus Rietema

HH3 Car
Henrique and Bianca pack the car for the trip to Florianopolis.  Photo Marcus Rietema

Officially this was the end of the Hill Hunters Tour.  From here many of the skaters went back to Porto Allegre to gather up their gear and head home.  Some of us still had a few days to go so about 20 skaters packed the cars and headed to Florianopolis and the HiAdventure Pousada.  The Brazilans had described it as a Pousada with a skatepark next door.  We were blown away to find that the bowl was actually in the middle of the place! 

After picking up supplies for a barbeque, a big jam session broke out.  The skate session lasted all afternoon and well into the night.  HiAdventure owner Rafael was an incredible host setting up music and lights for the party.  The bowl is amazing with infinate lines and perfect transition.  If you are ever in Southern Brazil, visit the HiAdventure Pousada. 

HH3 HiAdv
Skaters Paradise, the HiAdventure Pousada.  Photo Marcus Rietema

HH3 Juliano sk8
Juliano Cassemiro does a Backside Disaster.  Photo Marcus Rietema

HH3 HiAdv group
The remaining Hill Hunters had an all day-night skate session, bbq, party.  Photo Marcus Rietema

HH3 Fabio BBQ
Fabio Guimaraes cooking up a Brazilian barbeque.  Photo Marcus Rietema

HH3 Ethan Sk8
Ethan Lau ripping up the HiAdventure bowl.  Photo Marcus Rietema

HH3 Bowl
Overhead view of the HiAdventure bowl.  Photo Marcus Rietema

Day 7: Last Day in Floripa

HH3 Beads
Ethan and Fernando Yuppie buying beads from the Floripa locals.  Photo Marcus Rietema

HH3 Acai Group
Bricin, Fernando, Marcus, Ethan and K-Rimes enjoying bowls of acai with our waitress.

HH3 Marcus-Rafa
Marcus was honored when HiAdventure owner Rafael asked him to hang up one of his decks.  Photo Bricin Lyons

Everyone was very sad to see the trip come to an end.  It had been a unique bonding experience where a large group of skaters from all over the world were able to spend an entire week together.  We experienced adversity and overcame came it as a family having fun every step of the way.  Cultural differences were learned but also how much we all have in common.  Skateboarding was our common bond.

Special thanks go out to Alexandre Maia, Renata Lopes, Gaba Films and the rest of the Hill Hunters crew for organizing the tour and capturing it all for the world to see.  Thanks also go out to ESPN Brasil for believing in the Hill Hunters concept and to Pousada Sitio da Esperanca,  Urubici Park Hotel, Pousada Cascata Das Bromelias and HiAdventure Pousada for the excellent accommodations.  We're already looking forward to Hill Hunters 2009!

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