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East D2 2

Boris Schinke (GER) had his best ever World Cup qualifying result by placing 3rd. Photo David Bauckham

David Bauckham is an amateur sports photographer from Eastbourne, England who usually concentrates on shooting lower league football (soccer). The GoFast! Speed Days World Cup in Eastbourne was his first experience with our sport. We feel he did a beautiful job of capturing the event. The IGSA appreciates him sharing his photos with us. To view the complete gallery go to the Flickr site for Centre Circle Publishing.

If anyone who would like to purchase high-quality prints of any of the images, please email David at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  In his own words he promises not to “Rip anyone off!” Thank you David!

East D2 4

The English Channel provided a spectacular backdrop for a World Cup race. Photo David Bauckham

UK #1 Pete Connolly prepares for final qualifying. Photo David Bauckham

Cyrille "Komakino" Harnay (FRA) through the S-Bend. Photo David Bauckham

Race Director Eimer Mayer keeping things under control at the start. Photo David Bauckham

Christoffer Sanne (NOR) leads a pack of riders during practice. Photo David Bauckham

Mischo Erban (CAN) preparing for a camera run during practice. Photo David Bauckham

Riders wait their turn to climb up the massive Eastbourne Start Ramp. Photo David Bauckham

Olivier Bareaud (FRA) was strong the entire weekend finishing 4th. Photo David Bauckham

The combination of great weather and exciting racing brought out a good crowd on Sunday. Photo David Bauckham

Alex Frischauf (AUT) and Will Stephenson (GBR) exit the bus near the start. Photo David Bauckham

Classic Luge Semi-Final heat with L-R Labarthe (SUI), Gilder (GBR), Eliot (GBR) and Klotzberg (AUT). Photo David Bauckham

There was plenty of action over the entire weekend. Photo David Bauckham

The scoring table is always a focal point of interest for the riders and media. Photo David Bauckham

Winner Scoot Smith (CAN) is leaving little doubt that he is the #1 downhill skateboarder in the world. Photo David Bauckham

Pete Connolly (GBR) skated to a career best 2nd place in front of the home crowd. Photo David Bauckham

Kristina Engstrand (NOR) turned in an impressive performance to win in Women's DH Skateboarding

Photo David Bauckham