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Sebastian on his way to winning the 07' IGSA Street Luge World Cup Series title. Kogelburg, South Africa 
Photo: Jasper Coetzee

Sebastian Tournissac is the reigning IGSA Street Luge World Cup Champion. In addition, the talented French racer finished second overall in Classic Luge and seventh overall for Downhill Skateboarding in the 2007 World Cup Series.

If there was a title for the IGSA’s top ranked all-around racer, Sebastian would hold that distinction as well. He’s a veteran racer who is always a threat no matter what discipline he decides to compete in.

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Sebastian Tournissac at the Almabtrieb World Championships, Jungholz, Germany 2007. Photo: Marcus Rietema

20 Questions: Sebastian Tournissac fr-t

1. Q: What sports do you compete in?
Downhill in general: Classic Luge, Streetluge, and Downhill Skateboarding

2. Q: How long have you been riding and racing?
Riding, I’m 29 years old so nearly from the beginning….. I’ve been racing for about ten years.

3. Q: What was your coolest moment in the sport?
Each time I ride!

4. Q: What races do you plan to compete in this year?
The Peyragudes Deluxe Cup, the Euro tour (Almabtrieb, Rock & Roll), maybe Maryhill, South Africa I hope, and the French Championship.

5. Q: What are your goals for the 2008 season?
: To make myself happy and have fun with my friends

6. Q: What is your favorite event?
The Legendary Race (Col d’Izoard) for the track, Hot Heels Africa for the ambiance, good vibes, and I think Peyragudes like Hot Heels Kaurnetal for the perfect organization. But my favorite spot is The highest road in Europe, Col de la Bonette!!!

7. Q: What kind of equipment did you use?
I ride French SC8 boards and Abec 11 wheels

8. Q: Do you have any sponsors?

9. Q: Who are your favorite racers?
All my friends and all the guys who ride safe.

10. Q: Where do you live?
Roquefort les pins, it’s a beautiful small town in South-East France, the French Riviera.

Tournissac 4
Sebastian battling at Alpspeed in Downhill Skateboarding, Thun, Switzerland. Photo: Sven von Schlachta

11. Q: When is your birthday?
A: March 4, 1979

12. Q: Are you married or do you have a girlfriend?
A: …girlfriend

13. Q: What’s your occupation?
A: I’m a electrical technician.

14. Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Riding

15. Q: Do you have a website, MySpace and/or facebook?
A: My website is www.rock4crew.net , facebook: Sebastien Tournissac.

16. Q: Do you have any pets?
A: No, because one of my roommates doesn’t like them….

17. Q: What’s your favorite vacation spot?
A: Going to my family house and being in the arms of my lady.

18. Q: What’s your favorite food?
A: A Mediterranean meal, with a good wine.

19. Q: What’s your favorite music?
A: All kinds as long as it’s still singing and not shouting.

20. Q: Do you have any heroes?
A: No
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Sebastian after winning the 2007 French Nationals with Stephane Chaperon and Craig Deltour