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SB Podium
DH Skateboard Podium L-R: 3rd Mike Zietsman, 1st Glenn Phillips, 2nd Mischo Erban. Photo Russell Naude

Fair Cape, South Africa -
Relative unknown Glen Phillips, who has recently moved from Luge to Downhill Skateboarding, pulled a big surprise by beating some of the international top ten riders to win the Fair Cape Downhill Challenge.

He led from the start and there was nothing they could do to catch him!! Mischo Erban finished in second with Mike Zietsman in third. Anton Pratt was also charging and got the better of some of the top internationals as well to finish in fourth. Definitely two riders to watch for in the future.

Iona Zietsman from SAGRA said, "It was exciting to see new talent step up to the challenge and we should have some awesome racing at Hot Heels next week." Russell Naude was in hot form to take wins in both Street Luge and Classic Luge. Top recorded speed for the lugers was 115km/hr, and the Downhill Skateboarders were not far behind.

SL Podium

Street Luge Podium L-R: 3rd Waldo Sweigelaar, 1st Russell Naude, 2nd Beni Weber. Photo: Russell Naude

The organizers reported that they had a very cool day of racing with perfect conditions and strong South-Easterly winds boosting the speeds down the course by about 10 seconds from yesterdays South-Westerly conditions during qualifying.

The local Mitusbishi dealership, Mitsubishi Paarden Eiland, sponsored two awesome Mitsubishi Triton vehicles to pull the trailers. With the speed of the vehicles and the two trailers they could race really efficiently and the time trials and heats went super-smoothly as a result. The Mitusbishi guys were amped and really enjoyed themselves driving the shuttles.

CL Podium
Classic Luge Podium L-R: 3rd Abdil Mahdzan, 1st Russel Nauder, 2nd Beni Weber. Photo Russell Naude

Litronics, SAGRA's regular radio supplier, came on board to sponsor the radios and also set up some extra masts to boost reception.  Eimer came from Germany and was a huge help. Orangatang and Landyachtz sent over some great prizes. Butlers Pizza also came on board to provide prizes. Fair Cape Dairies make the best yoghurt in South Africa and supplied plenty for all the riders, who were stoked.

Fair Cape

Downhill Skateboarding Results
Pos Surename First Name Country Qual Points
1 Phillips Glen RSA 1:52.89 316.87
2 Erban Mischon CAN 1:43.27 304.63
3 Zietsman Mike RSA 1:49.66 298.82
4 Pratt Anton RSA 1:53.38 293.53
5 Bareaud Olivier FRA 1:54.83 288.62
6 Von Glazow Aki SUI 1:53.28 284.03
7 Connolly Pete GBR 1:51.56 279.71
8 Hery Tibor RSA 1:56.15 275.61
9 Lourenco Decio RSA 1:51.18 271.70
10 Gray Armin RSA 1:56.50 267.95
11 Fourie Liam RSA 1:57.05 264.35
12 Bataineh Zeid JOR 1:57.26 260.89
13 Dweza Richard RSA 1:49.05 257.54
14 Bradburn Stuart RSA 1:54.24 254.30
15 Hort Dave RSA 1:56.41 251.15
16 Vivier Tertius RSA 1:55.55 248.09
17 Fourie Shaine RSA 1:58.53 245.12
18 Boast Justin RSA 1:58.77 242.22
19 Ritschard Pierre-Yves FRA 1:59.34 239.39
20 Smit Josh RSA 2:02.32 236.62
21 Van Zyl Richard RSA 2:05.63 233.92
22 Malherbe Ben RSA 2:06.00 231.27
23 Lubbe Chirs RSA 2:10.33 228.68
24 Weber Beni SUI 2:11.48 226.13
25 Jackson Jerrie RSA 2:29.72 223.64
Street  Luge Results
Pos Surename First Name Country Qual Points
1 Naude  Russell RSA 1:37.93 316.87
2 Weber Beni SUI 1:39.10 304.63
3 Swiegelaar  Waldo RSA 1:39.83 298.82
4 Phillips Glen RSA 1:42.33 293.53
5 Mahdzan  Abdil MAS 1:43.06 288.62
6 Ishan Brian RSA DNQ 284.03
7 Smith Warren RSA 1:44.72 279.71
8 Burger Vickus RSA 1:57.57 275.61
9 Lacey Leander RSA 1:37.43 271.70
10 Lacey  Francis RSA 1:39.31 267.95
11 Breukel Ken RSA 1:41.97 264.35
12 Dalhousie Jakes RSA 1:44.08 260.89
Classic  Luge Results
Pos Surename First Name Country Qual Points
1 Naude  Russell RSA 1:41.81 316.87
2 Weber Beni SUI 1:46.79 304.63
3 Mahdzan  Abdil MAS 1:50.75 298.82
4 Weigl Konstantin AUT 1:47.42 293.53
5 Phillips Glen RSA 1:55.34 288.62
6 Smith Warren RSA 1:52.99 284.03
7 Breukel Ken RSA 1:53.61 279.71
8 Swiegelaar  Waldo RSA 1:59.78 275.61