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 Mischo Erban Injured and Questionable for World Cup Finale!Bareaud RansomOlivier Bareaud winner of the Howteq Nationals in South Africa. Photo Melissa Ransom
The pre-cursor to next weekend's IGSA World Cup event was held today and yesterday in Cape Town, on Houwteq Hill. The small amount of riders gave it a grassroots feeling, and meant that there were tons of runs. Oliver Neilsen's many hours on his board paid off, when he qualified 1st.

Day 1

Qualifying Results

Open Downhill Skateboarding

1.Oliver Nielsen (DNK)
2.Mike Zietsman (RSA)
3.Mischo Erban (CAD)
4.Richard Dweza (RSA)
5.Olivier Bareaud (FRA)

Women's Downhill Skateboarding

1.Dasha Kornienko (CAN/UKR)

Classic Luge
1.Andreas Johnsen (SWE)

Street Luge
1.Russel Dowed(RSA)
2.Glen Philips (RSA)
3.Brian (RSA)

Day 2

Race Day

Mischo Teutonia Trap
Mischo Erban may have lost the World Cup Series Championship once again.  Photo Alexandre Mai
An action-packed day with changing winds, hay bails being eaten, and a lot of carnage. The final heat was no exception, when Erban, Zietsman, and Nielsen came into the corner hot, rubbing urethane and close riding that ended with the three of them in the bails. Bareaud, who could not push very well at the start because of a bum knee from a crash in the semi, cruised past the chaos, to finish in 1st!  Nielson was the first back on his board and finished 2nd. Mischo unfortunately injured both his ankles, and had to be transported to hospital for x-rays. Zietsman was lucky and walked away with a few bruises and a dinged ego. As some could have foreseen, they couldn't hold back, despite the fact that the big race is just 4 days away. We have yet to confirm if Mischo will be racing next weekend...

Final Results:

Open Downhill Skateboarding
1.Olivier Bareaud (FRA)
2.Oliver Nielsen (DK)
3.Mike Zietsman (RSA)*
4.Mischo Erban (CAN)*
5.Alex Duss (RSA)
6.Dave Hort (RSA)

*based on Qualifying

Women's Downhill Skateboarding
1.Dasha Kornienko (CAN/UKR)

Street Luge
1.Glen Philips (RSA)
2.Russel Dowde (RSA)
3.Brian (RSA)

Classic Luge:
1.Russel Dowde(RSA)
2.Glen Phillips (RSA)
3.Andreas Johnsen (SWE)

Best wishes to Mischo for a speedy recovery!