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Pratt works the draft to take the win!  Naude wins both luge races. 
Pratt sits back in 4th place early in the DH Skateboarding Final before making his move to the front.
Photos by Sharon Le Grange

Fair Cape, South Africa- Fair Cape is a perfect speed hill, smooth tar, open wheat fields surrounding the road and no interruptions to break the wind. Fair Cape comes alive with a good Southeast or Southwest wind and riders can push their speed limits.   With clear skies and a moderate SW wind forecast for day 2, riders were super amped to take advantage of the conditions.

Before they could take advantage of the conditions, a situation had to be taken care of...  About 150 cyclists showed up and decided that they were going to have an illegal, uphill race on the Fair Cape hill. Words were exchanged, and with the hill legally booked in the skateboarders name, the cyclists were sent on their way!
SAGRA Boss Justin Boast says a few words during the rider's meeting.

With the coarse clear, practice got underway. The riders took full advantage of the SW wind blowing.  Downhill Skateboarders were clocking speeds in the mid nineties. Practice runs were tight and at each finish the stoke was high, setting the tone for the day. With a good team of marshals in place the riding was kept smooth and constant.   Plenty of practice runs were put in before racing began. In Classic Luge the riders opted for a GP styled race, Russel Naude dominated all the heats and finished first.
Russel Naude out in front during the Street Luge Final

In the Street Luge category, the same GP style format was contested.  Once again Russel Naude took top honors, dominating all the heats with his clean form and tight tuck. After taking a year off from racing Waldo Swieglar came back to race at Fair Cape.  He rode in strong form  to take second place.  Brian Isham finished in 3rd. South Africa's first Women's Street luge competitor Maryka Marais took the number eight spot.
The luge racers voted to use the increasingly popular "GP" format

In Downhill Skateboarding racing was tight.  Heats were close and in the Consolation Final Paul Du Plessis overtook Dave Hort from the "veterans league" coming out of the last right to win the heat and earn 5th place.  He was followed by Hort in 6th, Terry Terreblanche in 7th and Raoul Van Den Berg rounding out the top 8.
Du Plesis, Hort, Terreblanche and Van Den Berg battling in the Consi Final

The Downhill Skateboarding Final was super tight.  Glen Phillips pushed hard to take the lead followed by Richard Dweza and Matt Arderne in 3rd. Anton Pratt stayed in the draft of the front three down the first half of the Fair Cape course.  He overtook the pack just before the last right hand corner and kept the lead down the final straight to take the Downhill Skateboard victory.
Matt Arderne was close behind Pratt in 2nd place followed by Glen Phillips in 3rd. Richard Dweza went down in the last right corner, clipping the edge and bailing hard.  Fortunately he still managed to walk away fine.
stand up 
Anton Pratt celebrates on top of the DH Skateboarding podium

Fair Cape Downhill Challenge was a success with all the riders having an awesome weekend of riding on a course that was run by a super efficient team of marshals and the Mitusbishi team. Thanks to all the riders for coming and see you at High Rising XDH!!

Fair Cape Downhill Challenge

Final Results

Downhill Skateboarding
1. Anton Pratt
2. Matt Arderne
3. Glen Phillips
4. Richard Dweza
5. Paul Du Plessis
6. Dave Hort
7. Terry Terreblanche
8. Raoul Van Den Berg

Street Luge
1. Russel Naude
2. Waldo Swieglar
3. Brian Isham
4. Mike Pienke
5. Glen Phillips
6. Jacobus Wessels
7. Duayne Cumpsty
8. Maryka Marais
9. Monnyane Marvin Hlapolosa
10. Rudi Wilcocks

Classic Luge
1. Russel Naude
2. Brain Isham
3. Glen Phillips