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Richard Dweza wins Houwteq!Houwteq Podium DS

Dweza celebrates on the DH Skateboard podium.  Photo Sharon LaGrange

Grabouw, South Africa- Richard Dweza confirmed his first placing in yesterday's time trials by winning the High Rising Downhill Xtreme.  Dweza won the Downhill Skateboarding class with consistently high speeds and excellent lines through the "Dip".  He was ecstatic to achieve his first win in an IGSA sanctioned race, and a cool Sector 9 skateboard.

Relative newcomer Josh Smit played a successful tactical game, holding back and betting on the riders in front of him pushing the envelope too far in the "Dip".  Veteran rider Alex Duss, and a much improved Ben Malherbe both came through to their first IGSA final to claim 3rd and 4th places.

Dweza 1
Dweza on his way to winning the High Rising Downhill Eztreme.  Photo Sharon LaGrange

On another perfect day at Houwteq, the organisers found that the now notorious High Rising "Dip" had reduced the field by four riders after yesterday's time trials.  2nd-placed Decio Lourenco unable to walk on an injured ankle after his crash in his second time trial run, Armin Gray was out of action after somersault over the hay bales yesterday, Dave Hort had a damaged shoulder, and novice rider Chris Bowes, could not ride on an injured foot that shed some blood on the track yesterday!  The course has always been raced in summer with a south-easterly headwind, but the weekend's south-westerly tail wind meant that the riders came into the corner much faster, and battled to maintain stability out of the corner, over the rise of the dip which was sharp enough to lift wheels off the road. 

Naude 1
Russel Naude flying through "The Dip".  Photo Sharon LaGrange
Number one qualifier Russel Naude overcame a dislocated shoulder he suffered in the morning to earn the Street Luge victory.  The street lugers opted for a Grand Prix start with all the riders finishing in the same order as the time trials.  Naude tamed the "Dip" to take first, newcomer Brian Isham showed excellent form, beating the more experienced Glen Phillips to finish second in only his second race.  Another newcomer, Warren Smith took fourth place.
houwteq map
It was great to see some new riders taking up the "non-racing" entry option, with one subsequently deciding to race, and one unable, due to injury!   Another newcomer, Terry Terreblanche entered the race directly.  The new riders had an unexpected baptism of fire, but showed their mettle, and the organizers hope to see them back again.  In addition to the Sector 9 skateboard for the speedboard winner, those on the podium received some great headgear from Flexfit and gift hampers from Butler's Pizza.  SAGRA would like to thank the prize sponsors as well as Red Bull, who provided race infrastructure.
Houwteq Podium SL
Russel Naude atop the Street Luge podium.  Photo Sharon LaGrange

Final Results
Downhill Skateboard Final Results
Place    Name                          Points
1           Richard Dweza           316.87
2           Josh Smit                    304.63
3           Alex Duss                    298.82
4           Ben Malherbe              293.52
5           Tibor Hery                    288.62
6           Atilla Hery                    284.03
7           Anton Pratt                  279.71
8           Tertius Vivier                275.61
9           Rudi Willcocks             271.70
10         Justin Boast                 267.95
11         Andries van Niekerk     264.35
12         Terry Terreblanche       260.89
13         Decio Lourenco            257.54
14         Armin Gray                   254.30
15         Dave Hort                     251.15
16         Paul du Plessis            248.09
17         Chris Bowes                 245.11
Street Luge Final Results
Place    Name                           Points   
1           Russell Naude             316.87
2           Brian Isham                 304.63
3           Glen Phillips                298.82
4           Warren Smith              293.52

houwteq 1