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Lausanne, Switzerland Euro Downhill Series Race

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Lausanne, Switzerland – DESCENTE! A unique downhill race that will take place through the streets of Lausanne, Switzerland on the evening of Saturday, August 18th has been added to the 2012 IGSA Euro Downhill Series.

The Euro Downhill Series race originally scheduled for August 16-18 in Serra de Ossa, Portugal has been rescheduled for September 7-9.

In the past, inline downhill competitions were seen as major events in the city of Lausanne. Because of its natural slopes, the beautiful scenery between the Geneva Lake and the Alps, Lausanne has been a favorite for many downhill riders. From 1994 to 2002, crowds of over 20,000 people were showing up for the Sunday morning finals, and over 5000 people were taking part in the popular Friday night downhill from the top of the city.

Since the last race through the city ten years ago, the downhill scene has changed dramatically. Inline skaters are now a minority, downhill skateboarding is the main category, street lugers are faster than ever. The sport has gone global, there's an industry blooming and a lot of work to be done to catch a wider audience.

The DESCENTE 2012! Committee wants to mix all these aspects for a new event, both for the elite and basic riders. They want to offer all the advantages of their city for the athletes and the sport. Lausanne hosts the International Olympic Committee headquarters, over 52 international sport federations, as well as World and European HQ of companies such as Phillip Morris or British American Tobacco. The nightlife scene is very active, the Lake almost warm in August and locals are keen on downhill riders. Oh, and they've got banks and chocolate, too.

Qualifying Track Video

Track: A qualification track through a public park on the sole permanent downhill track in Europe!

Qualifying: Five hours of qualifying: you can go whenever you want! You can expect to get over 20 runs during the afternoon if needed. The transponder timing system will show the results live on giant ledscreens around the finish line during the whole session.

Finals: 100 qualified riders overall. A night run through the city, with hairpins, chicanes, wide boulevards, spotlights and narrow streets. One track walk, one timed training run and one final run. Your final run time determines your final placement. The finish line will be the most spectacular 14% slope you've ever seen!

Expect as well:

On Friday night, an "Airport Session" will be a nice opportunity to feel like a plane on the 40'000 m2 of tarmac of the local airport runway. Bring your slalom and carving boards, because even the airport runway has a gradient in Lausanne!

A public run for everyone down the final track between the training session and the final run on Saturday evening!

A big party on Saturday Night by the lake, next to the finish area!

A Sunday freeride event, chillout session and BBQ on a nearby road!

Prize money:
+€4000 Euros

Entry fee: around 80 euros, including food and drinks, Saturday and Sunday runs, official tshirts, etc...

The DESCENTE! 2012 competition is round number five of the 2012 IGSA Euro Downhill Series.

More details coming soon!
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