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Rain and heavy fog wipe out day three. 
Diez shocks the veterans by qualifying #1
 Pey D3-16
Spain's Mikel Echegaray Diez was the #1 Street Luge qualifier.  Photo Marcus Rietema

Peyragudes, France-
Rain and heavy fog have foreced the cancellation of the third day of racing at the Peyragudes 2Luxe Cup.  Plans are for the race to go ahead as scheduled rain or shine.  There was lots of racing action on Thursday in addition to Open downhill Skateboarding. 

Mikel Echegaray Diez from Spain has earned the number one starting position in Street Luge qualifying with a staggering 3:03.060 run.  He is the only competitor in any sport that recorded at time below 3:04 at Peyragudes. 

Pey D3-14
Malaysia's Abdil Mahdzan qualified 12th in Street Luge & 9th in Classic Luge.  Photo Bob Ozman

The virtual unknown racer beat top veteran competitors like former World Champion Olivier Wagner (SUI), Yvon Labarthe(SUI) and former World Cup Series Champion Pete Eliot (GBR)in the process.  With the strongest field assembled in many years, Saturday’s Street Luge race will feature 31 competitors.

Labarthe was the number two qualifier with a time of 3:04.330.  Eliot finished up in the number three spot with a time of 3:04.560.  In fourth was Wagner at 3:04.610.  Rounding out the top five was Clement Peyrusaubes from France with a time of 3:06.890.

Street Luge Top 10 Qualifiers

P Name                              Nat      1st Run     2nd run      Best    
1. Mikel Echegaray Diez    ESP    3:03.060    3:03.580    3:03.060
2. Yvon Labarthe                SUI     3:05.640    3:04.330    3:04.330
3. Peter Eliot                      GBR    3:04.560    3:06.040    3:04.560
4. Olivier Wagner               SUI      3:06.290    3:04.610    3:04.610
5. Clement Peyrusaubes   FRA     3:17.600    3:06.890    3:06.890
6. Roberto Marasca           ITA       3:08.100    3:07.120    3:07.120
7. Nicolas Filiatre               FRA     3:07.650    3:07.400    3:07.400
8. Miquel Jan Tarradas      ESP     3:10.380    3:07.730    3:07.730
9. Greg Gerber                  FRA     3:08.270    3:13.300    3:08.270
10. Chris McBride             USA      3:08.640    3:09.270    3:08.640

LeMans Start for Classic Luge

Pey D3-15
World Champion Michael Serek will start the LeMans GP race from the 2nd starting position.  Photo Marcus Rietema

The Peyragudes organizers and IGSA race officials announced today that the Classic Luge race will be using a LeMans start in addition the the GP format that will have 16 competitors sprinting accross the parking lot, picking up their boards and then racing down the hill in a mass start format.  There will be two heats of 16 with even and odd numbered qualifiers split into two groups.  The finishing order of the first run will determine the start order of the second run.  After the second run the top eight finishers in each group will move to the final heats and the bottom 16 will be place in the consolation group.  The finishing order of the third runs will determine the start positions of the fourth and final run.  Each riders final finishing position will be based on how they finish the fourth and final heat.

Kevin Bouaich from Switzerland is the surprise leader of Classic Luge qualifying after the 2nd ahead of Current World Champion Michael Serek (AUT) and veteran Craig Deltour (FRA). 

Classic Luge Top 10 Qualifiers

P Name                        Nat    Qualified
1. Kevin Bouaich           SUI    3:06.550
2. Michael Serek           AUT   3:07.430
3. Craig Deltour             FRA    3:09.880
4. Cedric Robert            SUI    3:10.000
5. Yvon Labarthe           SUI    3:10.470
6. Maxime Rubi             FRA    3:10.730
7. Fabien Prual              FRA    3:11.660
8. Nicolas Filiatre           FRA    3:11.740
9. Abdil Mahdzan          MAS    3:11.780
10. Roberto Marasca    ITA       3:12.200

Luginbühl Qualifies #1

Pey D3-17Bettina Luginbühl on her way to qualifying 2nd.  Photo Marcus Rietema

Former World Champion Bettina Luginbühl from Switzerland fended off a charge from Canada's Dasha Kornienko to earn the number one qualifiying position for tomorrows women's Downhill Skateboarding race.  Dasha led after the first run and lowered her time considerably but it wasn't enough to fend off Bettina.  Rebekka Gemperle from Switzerland will line up third.

Pey D3-18
Dasha Kornienko led after the 1st run but slipped to 2nd overall.  Photo Marcus Rietema

Women's Downhill Skateboard Qualifiers

P Name                            Nat     1st Run      2nd Run    Best    
1. Bettina Luginbühl         SUI     3:52.490    3:46.190    3:46.190
2. Dasha Kornienko         CAN    3:52.380    3:47.040    3:47.040
3. Rebekka Gemperle      SUI     3:57.650    4:09.980    3:57.650
4. Kristina Engstrand       NOR    4:42.570    3:59.630    3:59.630
5. Verena Völkel              GER    4:29.300    4:28.220    4:28.220
6. Eglantine Balland        FRA     DNS           DNS          DNS

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