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Scoot Wins Almabtrieb!
Scoot Victory
"Scoot" Smith scored a very popular Almabtrieb victory. Photo Marcus Rietema

Jungholz, Austria – Scott “Scoot” Smith earned his first victory of the 2008 season and strengthened his grip on the IGSAWorld Cup Series Championship point standings with a dramatic come from behind pass of fellow Canadian Kevin Reimer on the final straightaway. Alexandre Ulrich from France finished third and Stefan Ruefli from Germany finished in fourth.

martinruefflinorwayMartin Siegrist and Stephan Ruefli completely focused and unaware of the carnage behind. Photo Yorck Dertinger

It was an ultra competitive race that brought downhill skateboard racing to an entirely new level. There were many upsets along the way but probably none bigger than when Brazilian Douglas “Dalua” Silva crashed solo in the “S-Bend” while out to a commanding lead. He was so far ahead that eventual race winner “Scoot” Smith remarked that, “He was completely out of our sight. Dalua had left all of us in the dust!” As the race wore on there were more and more upsets. Number three qualifier Bassi Haller (GER) was also eliminated in the second round. He also crashed while out ahead of his three other rivals.

Semi Final #2: Lundberg, Reimer, Siegrist and Ruefli. Photo Yorck Dertinger

In semi-final number one it was Smith, Ulrich, American Patrick Rizzo and Canadian Mischo Erban. It was a close heat with Rizzo going down and Smith and Rizzo going to the final. In semi-final number two there was a bit of controversy. It was Martin Siegrist, Stephan Rueffli, Kevin Reimer and Erik Lundberg. A couple of the skaters false started and all of them rode the entire run with the exception of Martin Siegrist. They were shuttled back up the hill for a rerun. All four riders came down in a pack right to the finish. When the dust settled it was Reimer and Ruefli advancing and Siegrist and Lundberg going to the Consolation Final.

Rizzo Scoot Bus
Rizzo and Smith on the bus between rounds. Photo Sven Von Schlachta

In the Consolation Final to determine fifth to eight place it was Rizzo, Erban, Lundberg and Siegrist. Lundberg chose not to start the heat so it was a three-man battle. Erban claimed the victory and fifth place followed by Siegrist in second and Rizzo in third. Lundberg was credited with eight place in the final standings.

Scoot, K-Rimes, Ulrich and Ruefli braking before the "S-Bend" in the final. Photo Yorck Dertinger
Exiting the "S-Bend" and heading for the Carousel, K-Rimes. Photo Yorck Dertinger

The final was an epic showdown between Canadians Reimer and Smith, Ulrich and Ruefli. Scoot took the early lead down the fast top section follwed closely by Reimer, Ulrich and Ruefli. As the braked coming into the “S-Bend” Scoot and Reimer were sided by side with Ulrich and Ruefli side by sided just behind them. Reimer rode a slightly quicker line through the “S-Bend” and exited with about a ten board length lead. It looked like the race was over and “K-Rimes” was going to make it two World Cup victories in a row but Scoot nailed the Carousel and got into “K-Rimes” draft coming off the final corner leading onto the finish straightaway. Scoot timed the draft perfectly eating up Reimer’s lead and surging past him as they came to the finish line. There was nothing “K-Rimes” could do but watch his victory evaporate.

Almabtrieb Podium: L-R Kevin Reimer (CAN), Scoot Smith (CAN), Alexandre Ulrich (FRA). Photo Yorck Dertinger

Smith’s win was a very popular one for the green haired skater from Pendor Harbor, British Columbia. It also has given him a commanding lead in the IGSA World Cup Series points standings going into next weeks race in Thalgau, Austria. Scoot borrowed one of the new Risch Aero Helmets for the race. After Scoots victory, Reimer picked one up as well! The downhill skateboarding race at Almabtrieb was the closest fought race in history. A whole new level of racing occurred that has changed the sport forever.

Brianne Win
Brianne Davies earned her 2nd straight victory in Women's Downhill Skateboarding. Photo Marcus Rietema

In other racing action it was Brianne Davies making it two for two in European Women’s Downhill Skateboarding World Cup races. She is clearly dominating the Women’s division this year. Taking second was Bettina Luginbuhl with two time World Champion Jolanda Voglar in third.

Leander Luge
Former World Champion Leander Lacey on his way to victory in Street Luge. Photo Sven Von Schlachta
SL Pack
Laemmlein, Deltour, DeKyndt and Zaccaro racing hard in the second round of Street Luge. Photo Sven Von Schlachta
In Street Luge it was former World Champion Leander Lacey from South Africa who beat the current World Cup Series Champion Sebastian Tournissac in second, Jonathan Blottier in third and former World Cup Series Champion Loic Zaccaro in fourth. Lacey seemed truly surprised that he was able to beat the French super trio for the victory.
Lammlein Classic
Robert Laemmlein leads the pack in an early Classic Luge round. Photo Sven Von Schlachta
Baumann Classic
Jochen Baumann exits the "S-Bend" in the lead. Photo Sven Von Schlachta
In Classic Luge it was Tournissac who earned the victory. He beat fellow Frenchman Craig Deltour to the line who wound up second. Swiss rider Yvon Labarthe was third and veteran racer Jochen Baumann from Germany was fourth. Tournissac narrowly missed earning the World Cup Series title last year in Classic Luge. He is the best all around racer in the world. He finished an impressive eleventh in Downhill Skateboarding.
Mr All-Around, Sebastian Tournissac was 1st in Classic, 2nd in Street Luge, 11th in Downhill Skateboarding. Photo Marcus Rietema
After two highly technical race courses in a row, next week the IGSA World Cup Series switches gears when they head to the fast sweeping corners of the Rock & Roll World Cup in Thalgau, Austria. Last years event ended up in a tie between Martin Siegrist and Noah Sakamoto. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top in 08’. Practice starts on Wednesday with qualifying scheduled for Thursday and Friday. The elimination rounds take place on Saturday. We’ll continue to have daily reports here at
Everyone was having a blast at Almabtrieb! Photo Yorck Dertinger
Jogi snakeboard
Jochen Baumann taking his snakeboard for a spin. Photo Sven Von Schlachta
Marcus Meeting
IGSA President Marcus Rietema going over the racing rules with the DH Skateboarders. Photo Sven Von Schlachta
flip crash
An unidentified skateboarder goes flipping over the hay bales. Photo Sven Von Schlachta
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