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Carlos Paixão Dominates Qualifying

 Douglas Dalua

Teutonia, Brazil - Carlos Paixão shocked the establishment today when he set the quickest time of the day in qualifying for tomorrow’s Top Skate Pro Teutonia World Cup Open Downhill Skateboarding race. Paixão recorded a time of 1:21.320 seconds on his first run and then showed his consistency on the second run when he ran a time only .130 slower but still fast enough to be the second quickest time of the day. He's won all three rounds of the Brazilian Amateur DH Skate Series this year and has already wrapped up that title. There is a lot of strategy that goes into winning Teutonia so it remains to be seen if Paixão can convert his raw speed and limited experience into a World Cup victory. 

Otavio Munhoz  Jose Fortes

Qualifying second was pre-race favorite Douglas “Dalua” Silva. Silva, who posted a time of 1:22.220, has won at Teutonia on numerous occasions in the past and knows all of the tricks to reach the top of the podium tomorrow. Qualifying third was Kyle Wester from Colorado, USA. Kyle is no stranger to high speed runs cutting his teeth in famous Rist Canyon, but Teutonia is a different animal all together with it’s bumps, elevation changes rough pavement. Kyle kicked off the year with a big win at the Laguna Seca Invitational and has been showing speed and consistency all season long. He’s one of the only skaters running Road Rider wheels which could prove to give him an advantage. His third place qualifying position is definitely impressive for someone who’d never seen Teutonia before Thursday.

Open DH Skateboarding

Top 20 Qualifiers

1. Carlos Paixão, Brazil                                  1:21.320

2. Douglas Silva, Brazil                                   1:22.220

3. Kyle Wester, United States                         1:22,240

4. Vinicius Macaco, Brazil                               1:22.300

5. Vinicius Castagna, Brazil                            1:22.540

6. Lucas Bette, Brazil                                      1:22.790

7. Riccardo Reis, Brazil                                   1:23.050

8. Silon Garcia, Brazil                                      1:23.160

9. Danky Ovalhe, Brazil                                   1:23.690

10. Otavio Munhoz, Brazil                                1:23.720

11. Dillon Stephens, Canada                            1:23.750

12. Alexandre Marcante, Brazil                        1:23.860

13. Renan Vasques, Brazil                               1:23.910

14. Alysson Garcia, Brazil                                1:24.000

15. Augustin-Pablo Virgolini, Argentina            1:24.020

16. Juan Stabio, Argentina                               1:24.250

17. Santiago Gonzales, Argentina                    1:24,450

18. Bernardo Brambila                                     1:24.530

19. Arion Neto, Brazil                                        1:24.950

20. Max Ballesteros, Brazil                                1:25,160


 Christe Aleixo

Women’s Downhill Skateboarding continues to see Georgia Bontorin, the amazing 16 year old from Brazil take the World Cup by storm. After beating reigning IGSA World Champion Rebecca Gemperle in a head to head showdown in Argentina and winning again last week in Guaiba, Georgia set the fastest time with a 1:34.190. Her time broke the existing track record of 1:34.210 by Katie Neilson one year ago proving that Georgia is a match for any lady downhiller on the planet.  Christie Alexio qualified in second followed by Georgino Ferrero in third.

Women’s DH Skateboarding

Top 5 Qualifiers

1. Georgia Bontorin, Brazil                                 1:34,190

2. Christie Aleixo, Brazil                                      1:42,500

3. Georgina Ferrero, Brazil                                 1:45.370

4. Vanessa Souza, Brazil                                    1:45.380

5. Reine Oliveira, Brazil                                       2:24.150


 Rodolfo  Denis Luge

Rodolfo Saldanha set the fastest time in Street Luge qualifying followed by defending Champion Walter Ribeiro and Denis Araujo in third. The street lugers were reaching unofficial speeds in excess of 141 km/h (88mph) making them a crowd favorite. Seeing them live literally takes your breath away. It’s an amazing experience.

Street Luge

Top 10 Qualifiers

1. Rodolfo Saldanha, Brazil                                 1:15.380

2. Walter Ribeiro, Brazil                                       1:15.900

3. Denis Araujo, Brazil                                         1:16.140

4. Tiago Antunes, Brazil                                       1:16.360

5. Leo Borton , Brazil                                            1:17.000

6. Jades Wolverine, Brazil                                    1:17.240

7. Frank Williams, United States                           1:17.410

8. Luiz Souza, Brazil                                             1:18.300

9. Jonathan Gralha, Brazil                                    1:18.380

10. Elcio Monteiro, Brazil                                      1:18.380


 Walter-Baresi Classic 1

Walter Ribeiro set a new Classic Luge track record in qualifying with a time of 1:19.070. His time shattered the old mark of 1:21.030 set in 2010 by Alexandre Machado. Frank Williams from the Untied States was second and Yvon Labarthe was third. It appears that a shoot out is brewing between Ribeiro and Williams with both of them posting times in the 1:19 second range.

Classic Luge

Top 5 Qualifiers

1. Walter Ribeiro, Brazil                                        1:19.070

2. Frank Williams, United States                           1:19.500

3. Yvon Labarthe, Switzerland                              1:22.360

4. Nacho Palacios, Argentina                                1:23.780

5. Jonathan Gralha, Brazil                                     1:24.710


 Gustavo Paredes Junior II

The Junior II racers are competing for the first time at Teutonia this year. IGSA Officials Alexandre Maia and Ivando Silviera were watching each of the competitors closely in practice to make sure they had the skills to negotiate the course successfully. Bernardo Brambilla set the fastest time with a 1:24.530 followed by Andrez Krop in second and Jonas Richter in third.

Junior II Downhill Skateboarding

Top 10 Qualifiers

1. Bernardo Brambila, Brazil                                 1:24.530

2. Andrez Krop, Brazil                                           1:26.070

3. Jonas Richter, Brazil                                         1:26.550

4. William Rubim, Brazil                                        1:26.620

5. Christian Bovetti, Brazil                                     1:27.150

6. Leonardo Oliveira, Brazil                                   1:27.160

7. Yan Bertinati, Brazil                                           1:27.170

8. Victor Pons, Chile                                              1:27.290

9. Lucas Coelho, Brazil                                          1:27.870

10. Renan Zimmer, Brazil                                       1:28.030


Juan Ludueña from Argentina set the quickest time in Inline Skate Qualifying. Steve Canona from Brazil was second and veteran racer Scott Peer from the United States was third.

Inline Skate

Top 5 Qualifiers

1. Juan Ludueña, Argentina                                   1:29.010

2. Steve Canona, Brazil                                          1:29.130

3. Scott Peer, United States                                    1:35.170

4. Danilo Ferraz, Brazil                                            1:37.040

5. Jander Silva, Brazil                                              1:50.030



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