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Almab D1-scooot
World Cup leader Scoot Smith shows the form of a champion. Photo Yorck Dertinger

Jungholz, Austria –
The Almabtrieb World Cup got underway today with a full day of practice and technical inspections under warm sunny sky’s. After the Peyragudes Deluxe Cup ended, many of the international riders took mini vacations the revolved around skateboarding.

As the riders regrouped in Jungholz, they shared tales of skateboarding in places like the Swiss Alps, Marsailles and Paris. Everyone was happy to be back together and ready for the second round of the 2008 IGSA Euro Tour to get underway.

Almab D1-3
Riders prepare for a practice run at Almabtrieb. Photo Marcus Rietema

Practice got underway at 10:00am with a two-hour session. Many of the skaters have competed in Jungholz before but for some like Peyragudes Deluxe Cup winner Kevin Remier (CAN) and IGSA World Cup points leader Scott “Scoot” Smith (CAN) it was their first visit to Almabtrieb. Everyone seemed impressed with the race-course and the excellent event organization of Stephan Risch and crew. This is the third time that Almabtrieb has been held in Jungholz and the event management has been flawless.

Almab D1-4
Bassi Haller's new custom Pogo board goes through tech. Photo Marcus Rietema

After lunch a long practice session was held from 3:00pm – 7:00pm. This gave the riders plenty of opportunity to find the perfect line down the twisty and technical Almabtrieb course. Some riders reported having as many as 13 runs down the course over the day. Many were completely exhausted by the end of the session.

Almab D1-dalua
Douglas Silva totally focused and flying at Almabtrieb. Photo Yorck Dertinger

As practice went on throughout the day IGSA President Marcus Rietema performed Technical Inspections on the riders equipment. Each racer had their equipment checked to make sure it conformed with the IGSA rules and was in good condition. By the end of the day, Rietema had performed inspections on the equipment of over 130 riders.

Almab D1-1
Delicious meals are cooked to order. Photo Marcus Rietema

After the session many of the riders returned to the pool area to enjoy dinner and an evening swim. A slack line was brought out and some of the riders challenged each other to cross the pool! It was the perfect ending to a really enjoyable day. Tomorrow will have another practice session in the morning followed by the first round of qualifying in the afternoon. We will report have a qualifying report tomorrow evening.

Almab D1-sector9
Sector 9 teammates J.M. Duran and Jeff Budro in practice. Photo Yorck Dertinger
Almab D1-stephanrisch
Almabtrieb organizer Stephan Risch enjoying a practice run. Photo Yorck Dertinger
Almab D1-three organizers
Almabtrieb organizers Mathias, Stephan and Bassi have done an incredible job. Photo Yorck Dertinger