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Mischo Wins Rock & Roll

R-R Podium
Rock & Roll Skateboard Podium. L-R: Jackson Shapiera (AUS), Mischo Erban (CAN), Patrick Rizzo (USA)
Photo Marcus Rietema

Thalgau, Austria - Canadian Mischo Erban (Team Landyachtz) won the Rock and Roll World Cup in dominant fashion today leaving his three rivals to fight it out for second.

Jackson Shapiero (Hopkin Racing) from Sydney, Australia finished in second place to show he will be a force to be reckoned with in the future. Patrick Rizzo (Sector 9 Racing) from Oakland, California was third. Reigning IGSA World Cup Series Champion Erik Lundberg (Sector 9/Quicksilver/Kahalni) surprisingly had nothing for his rivals in the final and wound up fourth.

Rock-Roll Sven 12
Downhill skaters take a freeride run between heats. Photo Sven Von Schlachta

Douglas Silva (Team Landyachtz) from Brazil won the consolation final to earn fifth. It was a bittersweet victory for Silva who was taken out from behind in his Semi-Final heat. In the Semi's Silva was sitting in third position and using the draft as they approached the final straight. Just as he began to make his move to the front, former World Cup Series Champion Fredrik Lindstrom hit him from behind. Both riders went down hard at more than 100kph allowing Rizzo and Shapiera to go on to the Finals. In the other Semi-Final, Lundberg beat Erban to the line with South African Mike Zietsman coming home third and Canadian Nathan Lang finishing fourth.

Brianne R-R
A super stoked Brianne Davies (CAN) after winning her 3rd straight World Cup race.
Photo Marcus Rietema

In Women's Downhill Skateboarding, Brianne Davies (CAN) made it three for three in World Cup competition.  Her close friend Chiara Poscente and reigning World Champion Jolanda Vogler (SUI) gave her some competition this time around, but in the end Davies was just too strong. Later in the day Davies raced in the Open class where she qualified in 33rd position amongst the men. In the race she made it to the second round and was credited with 30th position in the final standings.
Rock-Roll 2008 Fr 287
Mischo Erban (CAN) completely dominated the final. Photo Sven Von Schlachta

This set up the final with Erban, Lundberg, Rizzo and Shapiera. After some controversial starts at the last World Cup in Jungholz, the IGSA decided to use their "Shock cord" start method. A simple elastic cord is stretched across the road and when the cord is released, it shoots across the road signaling the riders to go. Lundberg pushed hard off the line with Shapiera in second, Rizzo third and Erban trailing far behind in fourth. Erban seemed content to just let the other three lead down to the first hairpin and waited. As they made their way through the corner, Erban took a superior line and came rocketing out of the corner. He sailed past the other three riders as if he had a motor and left them in the dust. At the finish he had about a 20-length lead over the others. Lundberg, Rizzo and Shapiera battled it out amongst themselves all the way to the finish. Shapiera beat his rivals for second with Rizzo third. Lundberg didn't have an answer for the others as he came home trailing in fourth.

Rock-Roll Sven 04
Wagner (SUI), Eliot (GBR) and Labarthe (SUI) battling in Street Luge. Photo Sven Von Schlachta

In Street Luge it was all about Leander Lacey (RSA). Leander dominated all of his heats and scored a dominant victory. In fact Lacey won the Final twice when the heat had to be rerun due to a malfunction with the "Shock Cord" at the start line after it became entangled in Olivier Wagner's luge. Yvon Labarthe (SUI) finished second with an injured Pete Eliot (GBR) coming home in third. Eliot hurt his ankle earlier in the day when he made contact with the straw bales and could barely walk. Determined not to let it stop him, he wrapped his ankle in duct tape and raced on. Olivier Wagner finished fourth. In the Consolation it was Loic Zaccaro (FRA) winning the heat and finishing fifth.

R-R Luge
Street Luge Podium. L-R: Yvon Labarte (SUI), Leander Lacey (RSA), Pete Eliot (GBR)
Photo Marcus Rietema

The Classic Luge final was filled with controversy. Reigning World Cup Series Champion Michael Serek (AUT) was in the lead as they came to the top of the final straight. Leander Lacy was in his draft and making a move on the outside. Serek appeared to take a different line drifting wide. This pushed Lacey even further to the outside and close to the bales. It appeared to race officials that once Serek saw Leander was there, he threw out his inside leg in an effort to move over and avoid contact. There was brief contact and along with being pushed to the outside, it was enough to keep Lacey from making the pass. Serek won the race with Lacey in second. Afterward, Lacey protested. Race officials interviewed both riders extensively and viewed three separate videos of the incident. After many hours of deliberation, they decided to let the final results stand. Konstantin Weigl (AUT) finished in third and Jochen Baumann (GER) was fourth.

Rock-Roll Sven 07
A disappointed Leander Lacey (RSA) had to settle for 2nd in Classic Luge. Photo Sven Von Schlachta

In Dirtsurfer competition, it was Andreas Pfister from Germany taking the win. Markus Hutter (GER) was second and Ursin Tanner (SUI) in third.


Final Results      
Downhill  Skateboarding    
Pos No. Surname Firstname Nat
1 2 Erban Mischo CAN
2 32 Shapiera Jackson AUS
3 158 Rizzo Patrick USA
4 1 Lundberg Erik SWE
5 76 Silva Douglas BRA
6 107 Lang Nathan CAN
7 70 Zietsman Michael RSA
8 195 Lindström Fredrik SWE
9 3 Siegrist Martin SUI
10 5 Smith Scott CAN
11 47 Ethan Lau USA
12 10 Rüfli Stefan SUI
13 7 Martinez Jonathan FRA
14 18 Fourie Liam RSA
15 87 Salazar Vitor BRA
16 9 Lins Luis SUI
17 69 Johnston Hugh Kibbling CAN
18 194 Connolly Pete GBR
19 106 Hertler Sebastian GER
20 20 Bareaud Olivier FRA
21 200 Goransson Mathias SWE
22 82 Sunde Torbjorn NOR
23 19 Ritter Leon GER
24 86 Leeson Corey AUS
25 179 Breton Nick CAN
26 55 Price David USA
27 94 Sole Alysson BRA
28 54 Risch Stephan GER
29 177 Sanne Christoffer NOR
30 116 Davies Brianne CAN
31 174 Sandberg Robin SWE
32 84 Haller Bassi GER
33 22 Daddow Stephen AUS
34 172 Helm Anders SWE
35 89 Häggström Andreas SWE
36 91 Duran Joseph Myles USA
37 75 Bafile Pacifici Arthur BRA
38 118 Warburton Jon GBR
39 83 Weisfeld Joshua USA
40 17 Schütz Christian GER
41 35 River Mike GBR
42 111 Dusty Werner RSA
43 13 Labarthe Yvon SUI
44 169 Moncrieff Austin AUS
45 40 Pfander Andreas SUI
46 12 Poscente Chiara CAN
47 67 Jacobsen Fredric NOR
48 14 Bataineh Zeid JOR
49 90 Toporovicz Andre USA
50 192 Rodgers Jeremy AUS
51 199 McKendry Rob USA
52 68 Ortiz William BRA
53 175 Luxat Alex GER
54 78 Fink Maaz GER
55 159 Nowacki Michal POL
56 197 Morrison Alasdair GBR
57 41 Isler Marcel SUI
58 74 Matauschek Jens GER
59 92 D´Elia Martin Alexander VEN
60 88 Johnsen Andreas SWE
61 36 Fischbach Jonathan GER
62 73 Forschner Eugen GER
63 24 Poletto Massimo ITA
64 50 Pabian Dawid POL
65 171 Dertinger Yorck GER
66 63 Scheerer Peter GER
67 52 Bogdanowicz Piotr POL
68 33 Baur Jan SUI
69 49 Millasson Janick SUI
70 11 Vogler Jolanda SUI
71 170 Kenig Jakub POL
72 39 Plötz Alex GER
73 85 Stamler Max AUT
74 31 Gruber Christian SUI
75 43 Longoni Raphael SUI
76 115 Tom T.R. GER
77 66 Hang Uta GER
78 193 O'Hara Kevin AUS
79 48 Worsley Tom GBR
80 191 Tellström Olof SWE
81 72 Prem Horst AUT
82 168 Lindenmaier Anni GER
83 4 Sakamoto Noah USA
84 38 Machura Michal POL
Final  Results      
Street Luge       
Pos No. Surname Firstname Nat
1 51 Lacey Leander RSA
2 13 Labarthe Yvon SUI
3 25 Eliot Peter GBR
4 37 Wagner Olivier SUI
5 93 Zaccaro Loic FRA
6 73 Forschner Eugen GER
7 48 Worsley Tom GBR
8 178 Marasca Roberto ITA
9 80 de Wit Edgar NED
10 57 Lang Mathias GER
11 79 Maspero Pierluigi ITA
12 98 Mahdzan Abdil MAY
13 95 Barboni Frederico ITA
14 15 Müller Michael AUT
15 81 Stephenson William GBR
16 56 McBride Chris USA
17 59 Santolamazza Luca ITA
18 60 Lang Joachim GER
19 61 Klimek Sebastian POL
20 99 Sartori Fabio SUI
21 96 DeMarco Christian SUI
22 167 Bunsch Lukasz POL
23 176 Ptak Jacek POL
24 190 Brinkmann Henric GER
25 58 Hurd Max GBR
Final  Results      
Classic  Luge      
Pos No. Surname Firstname Nat
1 28 Serek Michael AUT
2 51 Lacey Leander RSA
3 110 Weigl Konstantin AUT
4 97 Baumann Jochen GER
5 53 Klotzberg Georg AUT
6 13 Labarthe Yvon SUI
7 17 Schütz Christian GER
8 57 Lang Mathias GER
9 93 Zaccaro Loic FRA
10 60 Lang Joachim GER
11 16 Peer Scott USA
12 24 Poletto Massimo ITA
13 98 Mahdzan Abdil MAY
14 56 McBride Chris USA
15 88 Johnsen Andreas SWE
16 45 Zálesky Petr CZE
17 25 Eliot Peter GBR
18 81 Stephenson William GBR
19 59 Santolamazza Luca ITA
20 95 Barboni Frederico ITA
21 79 Maspero Pierluigi ITA
22 26 Manarin Michele ITA
23 46 Righetti Carlo ITA
24 42 Profous Jan CZE
25 102 Lanz Gerhard AUT
26 178 Marasca Roberto ITA
27 99 Sartori Fabio SUI
28 78 Fink Maaz GER
Final  Results      
Pos No. Surname Firstname Nat
1 44 Pfister Andreas GER
2 198 Hutter Markus GER
3 27 Tanner Ursin SUI
4 21 Szostek Tomasz POL
5 29 Jaggard Jody GBR
6 34 Aebin Stéphane SUI
7 38 Machura Michael POL
Final  Results      
Women's  Downhill Skateboarding  
Pos No. Surname Firstname Nat
1 116 Davies Brianne CAN
2 12 Poscente Chiara CAN
3 11 Vogler Jolanda SUI
4 66 Hang Uta GER
5 168 Lindenmaier Anni GER
Final  Results      
Downhill  Inline    
Pos No. Surname Firstname Nat
1 16 Peer Scott USA
Final  Results      
Gravity  Bike      
Pos No. Surname Firstname Nat
1 88 Johnsen Andreas SWE