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Round #8 Gets Underway In Colombia

Colombia Practice

Bogata, Colombia - Round #8 of the 2012 IGSA World Cup Series started Saturday in Bogota, Colombia under a wet track conditions, after a night of strong rain fall. After the break for lunch a smoothly rain fallen over the new pavement of the Parque Nacional Olaya Herrera and at the end of the day all riders were blessed with nine practice runs.

For tomorrow´s qualifying a new time system with transponders and chip will be used and we are expecting to have four to five qualifying run for each competitor before set up the 64 rounds.

On women´s downhill currently World Champion, Canadian Katie Nielson is the number one contender, but currently South American IGSA Champion, Reine Oliveira is also attending the race besides Peruvian Marisa Nunez and Brazilian Christie Aleixo.

Street Luge warm-ups of today left a sensation that tomorrow currently World Champion, Brazilian Walter Baresi will have a tough job to beat Classic Luge World Champion, Brazilian Alexandre Machado and their friends Leo Borton and Mario Jardim.

In Open Downhill Skateboarding, current leader of the IGSA World Ranking and 2012 World Champion, American James Kelly is showing a solid ride doesn´t matter if the track is wet or dry but will have to face current number two, Brazilian Douglas Silva and 2011 World Cup Series Champion, Canadian Patrick Switzer.

Defending champion of the race, Brazilian Juliano Cassemiro, currently IGSA number four Alex Tongue and number five Dillon Stephens are joining Colombian Camilo Cespedes, Argentinian Santiago Gonzales, Peruvian Felipe Malaga and Chilean Diego Alemparte all battling for the World Cup.