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Dillon Stephens Wins In Colombia

COL Final

Bogotá, Colombia - After winning the first Festival de la Bajada back in 2010, Dillon Stephens from Canada wins the 8th round of the 2012 IGSA World Cup Series in Bogotá ,Colombia.

The round of 64 started in the morning under a sunny sky and mixed wet/dry conditions. As we reached the quarter-finals the black clouds started to appear from behind the mountains of Bogotá. While the bus was bringing the riders to start the semi finals, rain started to fall and became stronger by the minute. By the time we reached the finals, the hill was looking like a river in places.

Number one qualifier Mariza Nunez was forced to sit out the day due to an injury in practice yesterday afternoon. Colombian Jenny Patino made her country pround by winning her first IGSA World Cup. Current IGSA South American Champion, Brazilian Reine Oliveira followed closely to finish second.

Leo Borton

For the Street Luge final, Walter Baresi, Alexandre Machado, Mario Jardin and Leo Borton all from Brazil lined up on the start line. It was unpredictable to say who´d win. At the main turn Leo Borton made an incredible pass by putting 2 wheels out of track to earn his first IGSA World Cup victory. Former World Champion Water Baresi was second with Alexandre Machado was third.

In Classic Luge, 2011 World Champions Alexandre Machado and Water Baresi crashed in the main turn leaving the path open to Colombian Andres Arias win his first IGSA WC and the 2nd win for Colombia.

COL Kelly

In the Open Downhill final, number one qualifier Dillon Stephens lined up against 2011 World Cup Series Champion Patrick Switzer, Brazilian Douglas Silva and Peruvian Felipe Malaga.  Dillon took the lead and was followed closely by Switzer all the way. As Stephens and Switzer approached the finish line, Switzer made his move to pass. The pair crossed the line side by side in a photo finish. After careful consideration by the IGSA Officials, Stephens was declared winner. Silva managed to get third place after Malaga crashed in the first turn due to the heavy flow of water.

The IGSA World Cup Series moves on to San Luis, Argentina next weekend as the battle for the World Cup Series Championship continues to heat up.

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