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Practice Gets Underway

Quin Finocchio

San Luis Argentina - The 9th round of the 2012 IGSA World Cup Series started today at the Snake Skeleton Downhill located in the middle of the mountains of San Luiz North in Argentina.

Under a hot sun, practice started in the morning with the heat and pavement of the road making life difficult for all the riders. A strong tail wind turned the hill into a festival of crashes with many riders skating the snake for the very first time. The paramedics had a lot of work forcing the closing of practice. The snake showed its poison.

Camilo Dillon

After a one-hour break, all injuries were assisted, the wind slowed down and practice restarted under a sunny sky. At the end of the day, all 229 competitors registered were able to run eight practice runs.


For tomorrow, two warm-ups are scheduled for early in the morning and two qualifying runs will take place during the day to classify the 96 fastest riders for the 6-man heats on Sunday. Wind can blow North, South, East and West throughout the day. This should make qualifying very exciting and strategic.

The snake now is sleeping but seems to be very hungry as some rain is expected for the weekend.

James Camilo

Jonathan Ogralha

Marcos Filho

Otavio Munhoz