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Novo Hamburgo, Brazil - Mad Rats Downhill Challenge – São João do Deserto.  This event  was epic as it should be. After 3 melting and toasting days of intense skate activity we could see tanned faces, exausted bodys but happy smiles, strong life in the eyes of every competitor and new champions born.


Carlos Paixao won the Men's Downhill Skateboard after being World Champion at Teutonia and is certainly one of the fastest riders in action today.
DSB Podium
Phenomenal 18 year old Bernardo Brambilla finish second and also won the Brazilian Amateur National and took home a brand new motorcycle.
It was Douglas Dalua that battled as a real gladiator till the end and finished 3rd and clinch his 2nd IGSA World Cup Series. Never before has a rider won twice in the Men's Downhill Skateboard IGSA World Cup Series.   Douglas Silva achieved the title at his own race, on his own track and it was really magical.
Former World Cup Race winner Danky Dean completed the all Brazilian final which allowed him to win the IGSA South American Championship.
WDSB Podium
Brazilian Melissa Brogni who won a IGSA South American round at her home town in Guaiba, won her first IGSA World Cup race to clinch the Women's Downhill Skateboard World Cup Series with 2 time IGSA South American Champion Reine Oliveira finishing in 2nd.
J2 DSB Podium
After winning the IGSA World Championship at Teutonia, Dalua's town mate, Yan Bertinati won Junior II and clinched the 2013 IGSA World Cup Series Championship.
J1 DSB Podium
In Junior I, Lucas Batista was the winner.  With Brazilian Eric Soares placing 6th he was declared Champion of the World Cup Series.
MDSB Podium
In the Master Downhill Skateboad it was Silon Garcia taking the win with Juliano Cassemiro in 2n and Alexandre Maia finishing in 3rd.
SL Podium
Classic Luge and Street Luge were dominated by the 3 fellows Alexandre Machado, Walter Baresi and Leo Borton. Leo won on Street Luge to became IGSA South America Champion for the 2nd year in a row but American Frank Williams was crowned Champion of the 2013 IGSA World Cup Series.
Baresi Ribeiro
CL Podium
In Classic Luge Walter Baresi who recently set the new Classic Luge IGSA top speed record with 127km/h and won the IGSA World Championship in Teutonia was the winner again here today, but American Frank Williams was crowned as the IGSA Classic Luge World Cup Series Champion for his 2nd year in a row.
Alexandre Maia-Doulgas Silva-Claudio Verardi-Ivandro Silveira
A special thanks and congratulations go out to these four guys for putting on an outstanding event.
Special Thanks to Henrique Barbosa (Rique Barbo) for all of the outstanding photos.

2014 is looking forward, it's time to rest now in South America as the summer arrives. Congratulations to all Champions, to all riders and IGSA wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year's eve.