Lomba Grande, Novo Hamburgo - Mad Rats Downhill Challenge – São João do Deserto.  The final round of the 2013 IGSA World Cup Series is underway in south Brazil.  This legendary track of São João do Deserto apperas to be made for Downhill Skateboards.

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Lomba Grande, Novo Hamburgo - IGSA will host the first SJD Downhill Challenge December 13-15, 2013.  This will be the same course that hosted the Mad Rats Downhill Challenge  A 1.5km course with speeds up to 95kmh.

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Carlos Paixao IGSA Skateboard World Champion

Carlos Paixao Winner 2

Photo Credit: Wollong Boardshop

Teutônia, Brazil - When anyone familiar with the DH Skateboard listen of Teutônia it´s all about an unique and completely different experience. The ones whom make the dream of coming to Teutônjia for the first time always say it was different from the videos and much more scaried that they expected.
It´s like the whole combination of the jungle, its tropical rain storms, the melting heat, the lizards, the spiders, the insects, the people and the hill, turns into an explosion of crazyness and high concentrated adrenaline carried by strong emotions. The 10th Anniversary of Teutônia was magic, it´s difficult to describe with words.

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Walter Ribeiro QualifyingWalter Baresi set the pole in Classic.  Photo Credit: Fruke Alves

Teutônia, Brazil - Walter Baresi set a new speed record for Classic Luge.  Brazilian Walter Baresi, whom holds the IGSA Street Luge speed record just achieved today the IGSA Classic Luge speed record reaching 127km/h overtaking the record of American Chris Mcbride.

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Big Air Street Luge