Marcus GS AUS
Marcus Rietema and Eddie Spearing in a tight race at Newton's Playground in Australia. Photo: David Pang

IGSA President Marcus Rietema has a long history in skateboarding and street luge. He started skating back in 1977 riding freestyle and transition.

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The Darnetal French National Championship was held May 2-4 in the French province of Normandy.The event was organized by the Riders en Bray, the French club whose members include Jocelyn Babilot, Jibo Debure and Pascal Blondeau.

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Pang Daddow
Steve Daddow and Mischo Erban battling at Newton's Playground, Bathurst, Australia.  Photo: David Pang

Stephan Daddow has been the face associated with Australian downhill skateboarding for many years. In 2003 Steve sold all of his possesions and committed to spending the entire year traveling to all of the major races around the world.

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