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Eastbourne, England- Organizers of the GoFast! Speed Days IGSA World Cup race announced today that they are moving the dates of the event back by one week to September 12-14, 2008. The change is being made to better accommodate the many competitors who will be racing at the IGSA World Championships in Goldendale, Washington, USA August 27-31.

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Corey Leeson in "The Dipper" at Newton's Plaground, Bathurst, Australia. Photo Bill Fonseca

Corey “Leeso” Leeson burst onto the international downhill scene last month at Newton’s Playground in Bathurst, Australia. In his first ever IGSA World Cup event “Leeso” qualified an astonishing third ahead of many veteran skaters including World #1 and #2 ranked Erik Lundberg and Mischo Erban.

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Luis Lins flying at the 2007 Almabtrieb IGSA World Championships

Beginning today we will start a new series of short interviews called 20 Questions. Each week we will highlight a different top racer or influential person in the downhill scene. Be sure to check back each Wednesday to see who is the latest to answer the 20 Questions.

Luis Lins is our first featured skater. He is from Brazil but has been living in Switzerland for the past several years. Luis has finished in the Top Ten of the IGSA World Cup Series the past three seasons. In 2005 he wound up fourth overall. We're pleased to present Luis Lins.

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