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Picton, Canada - Patrick Switzer continued his dominant form in Picton today by earning the number one starting position for tomorrow's Prince Edward County Gravity Festival Open Downhill Skateboarding race.  Switzer shattered his last years qualifying mark of 1:23.598 with an amazing 1:21.226 on his second run.

Niko Desmarais from Montreal qualified second with a time of 1:22.526 smashing his last years run by 4 seconds.  Quin Finnocchio will start in the number three postion after posting a time of 1:22.836.  He and Luke Melo had the same qualifying time but Quin takes third due to having a better second qualifying time.

The Third annual event is being promoted by the family of street luge racer Kolby Parks.  Gary Parks has put in a huge effort to get the chicane completlty repaved.  His effort has made a big differnance in this years qualifying times.

PEC Gravity Festival
Open DH Skateboarding Qualifying

1. Patrick Switzer, Canada                        1:21.226
2. Niko Desmarais, Canada                     1:22.526
3. Quin Fincchio, Canada                         1:22.836
4. Luke Melo, Canada                               1:22.836

In Street Luge Christian Conaway pulls off a qualifying time of 1:23.548 smashing Louis Bouchard last years run by over 4 seconds.  Frank Williams qualifed in the second postion with a 1:26.134 almost 3 seconds behind Christian.  Bob Loviel came in with a 1:26.838 which is almost 4 seconds faster then last year time.  PEC race organizer Kolby Parks was fourth with a time of 1:27.685.

PEC Gravity Festival
Street Luge Qualifying Top 4

1. Christian Conaway, United States      1:23.548
2. Frank Williams, United States             1:26.134
3. Bob Lavoie, Canada                             1:26.838
4. Kolby Parks, Canada                            1:27.865


In Classic Luge Frank Williams set a fast qualifying time of 1:28.231 which is 4 seconds fast then last years time.  Christian Conaway posted a time of 1:28.601 and Bob Lavoie followed in the thrid postion with a 1:31.018.  Mr Patrick Switzer crossing over from Downhill Skateboarding and posting a not suprizing 1:31.037 which places him in the fourth postion.  PEC race organizer Kolby Parks was sixth with a time of 1:33.065

PEC Gravity Festival
Classic Luge Qualifying Top 4

1. Frank Williams, USA                             1:28.231
2. Christian Conaway, United States      1:28.601
3. Bob Lavoie, Canada                             1:31.018
4. Patrick Switzer, Canada                       1:31.037

Full Qualifying Results