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Switzer win pec 12
Photo: Liz Kinnish

Picton, Canada - Patrick Pulls off The Hatrick.  Ontario native Patrick Switzer has won for the third straight time at the Prince Edward County Gravity Fest. Switzer won over top Quebec rider Niko Desmarais and fellow Ontario riders John Barnett and Cam Brick. BC rider Nick Jean won the consolation race to claim fifth.

pec dsb podium
Photo: Yann Lhermitte

Conaway Dominates in Street Luge

sl podium
Photo: Yann Lhermitte

Christian Conaway from Fillmore California won the Street Luge competition in convincing fashion by qualifying 3 seconds ahead of his rivals and winning evey heat on route to victory.  A surprising early exit from the competition was Frank Williams who crashed in the first corner in the quarterfinals after experiencing equipment problems.

pec kounty knights semis
Photo: Joey Marion

In the first semi final Conaway lined up againsed 3 local racers from the Kounty Knight Street Luge team but it quickly turned into a battle for second after Conaway pulled into the lead. Nick Kamink took second place through Bombora bend and through the Sector 9 chicanes with Kolby Parks being passed for third by William Condon just before Switchback Longboards Crash Corner. Kamink and Condon over cooked the corner however and Parks was able to pass both before the finish and receiving second.  The second semi-final had 3 Bob teammates  Bob Lavoie and Bob Touchette against Matt Yates and Tim Koch returning from a 2 year break from a bad injury.  Koch and Touchette pushed out into the with Lavoie and Yates right behind. Through switch back corner the Bobs battled but it was Touchette who came away with the transfer spot in second place.

pec finalsPhoto: Joey Marion

The finals were then set and Conaway once again pushed far out inro the lead followed by Koch, Parks and Touchette. Koch braked too much into the first corner which allowed Parks to move into second. This is how the race would finish

With this win Conaway now has 4 straight podiums and a strangle hold on the NorAm standing and will be tough to beat in the championship.

Touchette Returns to Classic Luge Competition with a Win

pec cl podiumPhoto: Yann Lhermitte

Bob Touchette hadn’t raced Classic Luge since Maryhill 2008, but he returned to racing after designing a new better design for a rider as tall as he is. In the finals it was a battle of regions with Ontario (Parks and Condon) vs Quebec (Lavoie and Touchette) vs the USA  (ConawayandWilliams).

pec carnage cl finals
Photo: Joey Marion

The race started with Conaway in front followed by Condon, Williams, Parks, Lavoie and Touchette. Coming into Swichbach Crash Corner, Conaway and Williams crashed while Lavoie and Condon did a 4 wheel drift to avoid the carnage. Parks had a good line through the corner but clipped the foot of a recovering Conaway which flipped his board over. Touchette meanwhile had bided his time and went from sixth to first and took the win. Condon and Lavoie were able to keep some momentum and took second and third respectively.

pec canadin champs

PEC Gravity Festival Results:

Open Downhill Skateboarding
1. Patrick Switzer, Canada
2. NikoDesmarais, Canada
3. John Barnet, Canada
4. Cam Brickenden, Canada

Classic Luge
1. Bob Touchette, Canada
2. Will Condon, Canada
3. Bob Lavoie, Canada
4. Christian Conaway, USA

Street Luge
1. Christian Conaway, USA
2. Kolby Parks, Canada
3. Tim Koch, Canada
4. Bob Touchette, Canada

Women Downhill Skateboard
1. Cindy Zhou, Canada
2. Andie Leslie, Canada
3. Michelle Poirier, Canada
4. Diane Shaher, Canada

Junior 1 Skateboard
1. Logan Whyatt, Canada
2. Greg Praposki, USA
3. Timothy Mulligan, Canada
4. Tristan Bell, Canada

Junior 2 Skateboard
1. QuinFinocchio, Canada
2. Riley Richters, Canada
3. Lucas Ball, Australia
4. Zach Poole, Canada

Junior Classic Luge
1. Josh Neiman, Canada
2. QuinFinocchio, Canada
3. Issac Doherty, Canada
4. Kris Williams, Canada