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Wester Qualifies #1 at Bonelli

San Dimas, CA, USA - Kyle Wester set the fastest time of the day in a dramatic final qualifying session that saw the top qualifying position switch to different skaters multiple times as they battled it out for the pole position for tomorrow's NorAm Finals Downhill Skateboarding race. 

Wester set a blistering time of 1:02.877 on his second run.  William Degan was second with a time of 1:03.355 after holding the number one qualifying position for a considerable amount of time himself.  Mike Snyder initially held the number one spot with a 1:03.376 before eventually winding up third.  Trevor Baird was fourth with a 1:04.517 and Jimmy Riha rounded out the top five with a 1:04.533.


IGSA NorAm Finals

Open DH Skateboarding Top 10 Qualifiers

1. Kyle Wester, USA  1:02.877

2. William Degan, USA 1:03.355

3. Mike Snyder, USA  1:03.376

4. Trevor Baird, USA  1:04.517

5. Jimmy Riha, USA  1:04.533

6. A.J. Haiby, USA  1:04.640

7. Austin Nicassio, USA  1:04.796

8. Max Capps, USA  1:04.807

9. Keith Henderson, USA  1:05.351

10. Drew Edwards, USA  1:06.581


Christian Conaway Paces the Street Luge Field

As Christian Conaway prepares to leave the sport for the next two years so he can go on a mission for his church, he is making the most of his final race at Bonelli Park.  Christian totally dominated the competition today but out qualifying his nearest rival by more than two seconds.  Conaway uncorked a 1:04.272 on his second qualifying run leaving everyone else racing for second. Dylan Wall has continued to improve all year as he\'s followed the NorAm circuit this year all over the States, Canada and Mexico.  He showed everyone just how much faster he\'s become by setting a time of 1:06.358 and beating many of his more experienced rivals.

Kolby Parks earned the number three qualifying position the hard way after his luggage and luge were lost on the trip over from Toronto.  Parks spent the morning running the hill on borrowed equipment while he figured out the lines and grip on the tricky NorAm Finals race course.  On his first qualifying run, Parks was only able to set a time of 1:12.549 as he struggled on the borrowed gear.  Fortunately, his luge showed up between the first and second runs.  With his own gear, Parks made a dramatic improvement setting a time of 1:07.725 moving him up to third.  Tomorrow morning\'s practice session will be all important for Kolby as he\'ll be dialing in his set up for what he hopes is a showdown with Conaway.

IGSA NorAm Finals

Street Luge Top 10 Qualifiers

1. Christian Conaway, USA  1:04.272

2. Dylan Wall, CAN  1:06.358

3. Kolby Parks, CAN  1:07.725

4. William Condon, CAN  1:07.939

5. William Myrvold, USA  1:08.334

6. Keith Henderson, USA  1:08.391

7. Joseph Marshall, USA  1:08.506

8. Mike McIntyre, USA  1:08.544

9. Justin Toleman, USA  1:08.969

10. James Olson, USA  1:09.786