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A.J. Haiby Wins For The Second Year In A Row!

dsb noram 12
Photo: Amy Hills

San Dimas, CA, USA - A.J. Haiby won a tight final heat at todays IGSA NorAm Finals Open Downhill Skateboarding class winning the race for the second consecutive year.  Number one qualifier Kyle Wester had a huge lead coming into Orangatang Corner but scrubbed too much speed on the exit.

Haiby had a perfect run through tight corner and was able to run Wester down on the long straightaway to the finish.  Mike Snyder was also able to get past Wester to finish second.  Wester, who also set a new track record in qualifying the previous day said, \"I scrubbed speed on the exit of the corner allowing A.J. and Mike to get by.\"  Max Capps crashed on the entrance of O-Tang Corner but was able to get up and finish the heat to finish fourth. 

Patrick Switzer earned the 2012 NorAm Series Open Downhill Skateboarding Championship that tabulated each riders five best finishes out of the eight race series.  Additional NorAm Series races were held in Vernon Canada, Wyndam New York, Maryhill Washington, Monterrey Mexico, Calgary Canada, Picton Canada and Akron Ohio.

IGSA NorAm Finals


Open DH Skateboarding Top 10

1. A.J. Haiby
2. Mike Snyder
3. Kyle Wester
4. Max Capps
5. Duke Degan
6. Malacai Greene
7. Mark Barfield
8. Chance Gaul
9. Trevor Baird
10. Danial Luna

* NorAm Series Champion - Patrick Switzer


Christain Conaway Wins the Championship

Christian Conaway continued the dominance he'd shown in qualifying to win the street luge race and the NorAm points championship.  Conaway, who was competing in his final race before heading out on a two-year mission for his church, left all of his rivals racing for second.  He built huge leads off the starting line with a monster push and then rode perfect lines through O-Tang corner all day long leaving no chance for his fellow racers to catch him.  Mike McInyre finished second, Keith Henderson third and Kolby Parks fourth.

street noram 12
Photo: Amy Hills

Street Luge Top 10

1. Christian Conaway
2. Mike McIntyre
3. Keith Henderson
4. Kolby Parks
5. Dylan Wall
6. Kyle Castenada
7. Justin Toleman
8. James Olson
9. Frank Williams
10. William Condon

* NorAm Series Champion - Christian Conaway


classic noram 12
Photo: Amy Hills

Classic Luge

1. Christian Conaway
2. William Condon
3. Kyle Castenada
4. Mark Barfield
5. Mike McIntyre

* NorAm Series Champion - William Condon


junior1 noram 12
Photo: Amy Hills

Jr I Downhill Skateboarding

1. Ethan Vinograd
2. Elijah Vinograd
3. Jesse French
4. Hunter Vandertoll
5. Greg Paproski

* NorAm Series Champion - Greg Paproski


junior2 noram 12
Photo: Amy Hills

Jr II Downhill Skateboarding

1. Danial Luna
2. Keith Henderson
3. Sean Chantaracharat
4. Roger Jones
5. Brett Ciabattini

* NorAm Series Champion - Quin Finocchio

 dil noram 12
Photo: Amy Hills

Downhill Inline Skating

1. Scott Peer
2. George Merkert
3. Craig Ellis
4. Davide Tacchini


Gravity Bike

1. Mike McIntyre
2. Frank Williams