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Ricardo Reis Wins in Guaiba

Riccardo Ries

Guaíba, Brazil - The fourth round of 2012 IGSA South American Downhill Series was held this weekend in the city of Guaiba in Southern Brazil.  The 5th Mostra Competitiva de Downhill Speed drew an international field of racers in hot, humid conditions.  Rain had been forecast for the weekend but fortunately it stayed away allowing the race to take place in dry conditions.

Defending champion Brazilian Ricardo Reis was the winner after beating IGSA South American points leader Dillon Stephens from Canada who finished in a solid second place. Local Vinicius Mendez was third and Douglas Silva finished fourth.

Georgia Bontorin Christie Aleixo Final
In the Women´s Downhill, 15 year old Georgia Bontorin was the winner with fellow Brazilian Bianca Flor in second. Argentinian Cami Puchetta was third and Brazilian Christie Aleixo finishing in fourth place.

Jonas Richter
In Junior II, top contender and the skater many call the future of the Brazilian Downhill, Jonas Richter was the winner after an incredible weekend beating top qualifier Bernardo Brambilla Willian Rubin who won the most recent IGSA World Cup in Argentina and a field full fast skaters getting ready for the Open Downhill class in the near future.

Lucas Rocha
Brazilian Lucas Rocha still looked unbeatable in Junior I and added another win to his young resume.

Ignacio Palacio leading
A nice international podium was made in Classic Luge with Swiss Yvon Labarthe in first, American Frank Williams in second, Chilean Rodrigo Bisquertt in third and Peruvian Gonzalo Brandon in fourth.

The Street Luge winner was old school rider Mario Jardim who is having a solid season after his second place finish in Argentina few weeks back. Rodolpho Saldanha, from Sao Paulo Brazil who had the best qualifying time was second. Current IGSA World Cup Series Champion Yvon Labarthe was third and the winner of the last two IGSA World Cups Brazilian Leo Borton rounding out the top four.

Juliano Cassemiro
Inline Skating and the Master’s Downhill Skateboarding disciplines were held as sideshows. American Old School racer Scott Peer was the Inline winner while Brazilian Juliano Cassemiro took first place in the Master’s Downhill.

After the awards ceremony, a big party was celebrated in front of the podium located at the top of the hill. All the riders had lots of fun with everyone getting excited for Teutonia.

Douglas Silva
The fifth and final round of 2012 IGSA South American Downhill Series will take place next weekend in Teutonia, Brazil. Teutonia is the fastest course of the IGSA World Cup Series that pushes the skills and nerve of overy racer. The Top Skate Pro Teutonia and the International Gravity Sports Association are working together to welcome everyone for the four day Downhill Skate Festival.

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