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IMG 5931
Photo: Danny Lubbe

This morning I was mad, I thought I was the first one up, freezing cold, 2 pairs of denims, hoddies, jacket, thermo gloves, hiking socks and frozen to the bone, that will teach me not to leave my gear at home. The campsite was peaceful and quiet, slowly but surely heads and faces started emerging from the tents, I realized I was not alone.
IMG 5763
Photo: Danny Lubbe
Stoked with some good laughs early in the morning the goal was, get fresh, get coffee and get racing. The coffee was amazing, just what I needed before hitting the hill. While passing the friendly security guard going into the Voortrekker Monument reserve we were greeted by some wildebeest and bush buck. Arriving at the bottom of the hill I was met by some good vibes and a bunch of eager riders, that just kept arriving, it was mad to see everyone here. After setting up we got riding, to my shock we had a dislocated shoulder on the second run of the day, Eugene van der Eslt took an unfortunate bail in the first corner, bummer he was out after traveling half way across the country to wipe on the first corner, medics were amazing. Eugene was bummed but fine!
For most of the day it was windy at the top of the hill with harsh sun but things were flowing and I was still amazed at the turn out of just how many riders I had to release, practice was great besides the few crashes, guys were excited and the shuttle was efficient and on form in the way it is meant to be, riders after riders were sent down... can I get a course clear from marshall one down?
IMG 5860
Photo: Danny Lubbe
Time trials got started at 3, but forgetting the sun sets 1 hour earlier in Joburg, I was caught out and the pressure was on to get it done. Luge came first then buttboarders and finally standup was the order, it felt great getting the trials started and running perfectly, times were set for the luge and buttboarders, its always hard hearing the screams and cheers from the top of the hill and all you can see is the start of the first corner, the reward is always the smiles, cheers and hoots when the shuttle arrives back at the top of the hill with the sun setting in one of the most amazing locations in the world. Big shout out to Nikkie Caromba the only female of the event, she took part in both street luge and buttboard, placing second in streetluge and third in buttboard. Russel Naude kept a solid performance throughout the day to take top spot in both streetluge and buttboard.
IMG 5854
Photo: Danny Lubbe

With the sun almost set the standup riders took their final runs, local Pretorian rider now relocated to the Cape, Raoul Van Der Berg, kept good lines and a good tuck on the 1.7km race course to take the number one spot in standup. Bottom line the place is amazing the riders are stoked and we can't wait for race day tomorrow. After a long day I'm stoked I managed to organize 3 blankets for the chilly night tonight, I'm gonna sleep well, sun burnt and stoked!
IMG 5807
Photo: Danny Lubbe

Qualifing Day one:

Downhill Skateboard:
1.Raoul Van Der Berg        2.14.14
2.Matt Arderne                  2.16.03
3.Paul Du Plessis            2.16.11
4.Glen Phillips                 2.16.25
5.Terrt Terblanche            2.18.69
6.Lloyd Clark                   2.20.03
7.Murry Chandler             2.21.32
8.Chris Lubbe                 2.21.52

1.Russel Naude              2.04.97
2.Nikkie  Caromba          2.12.65
3.Marco  Caromba          2.14.08
4.Glen Phillips                2.14.33
5.Phil Plessis                 2.14.70
6.Andries Haasbroek      2.19.38

Classic Luge:
1.Russel Naude            2.10.44
2.Phil Plessis               2.17.85
3.Nikkie  Caromba        2.18.04
4.Marco  Caromba        2.20.42
5.Jonathan Herbst        2.20.84
6.Trevor Mey                2.24.67
7.Glen Phillips             2.37.47