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Carlos Paixão set the new speed record of Teutônia

Guto Negão
Carlos Paixão set the pole position.   Photo Credit: Markos Charão

Teutônia, Brazil -  When the riders and organizers arrived at Teutônia hill in Linha da Harmonia, Teutônia/Brazil this morning they faced the strongest wind storm ever seen before in the hill. Wind blew tail at the top of the hill, side at the big turn and head at the steepest loops turning the track into one of the most scaring experiences one could taste at the Downhill Skateboard so far.

Before the lunch break 3 practice runs were held and lots of crashes and medical remotions gave a hard job to the Teutônia crew.
After lunch one more warm-up took place before start the Men´s Downhill Skateboard qualifying. During each individual run the top speed of each rider registered were recorded at the fast part of the track.
Brazilian Carlos Paixão not only set the pole position as he already did last year but he recorded 119km/h breaking the 116km/h set by Kevin Reimer back in 2009.  Also Brazilian Max Ballesteros sits in 2nd position more than 1 second behind the fastest time.
Defending Champion Kyle Wester from Colorado / USA is the 3rd fastest time and will have a tough task to retain his title.
Defending IGSA World Cup Champion, Brazilian Douglas Dalua is fourth with Argentinian Agustin Virgolini rounding up the top five.
At the end of the Men´s Downhill qualifying a strong tropical thunderstorm washed out the fastest track of the whole Downhill Skateboard and the qualifying for Street Luge, Classic Luge, Junior II, Women´s Downhill, Master´s Downhill Skateboard, In line and Dirt Surfer were postponded for tomorrow.

Full Qualifying Results