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Hill Hunters Part 1 of 3

Dalua Slide
Douglas "Dalua" Silva slide style during the taping of Hill Hunters. Photo Marcus Rietema

Following the recent Malarrara Pro Teutonia World Cup, some of the world's best downhill skaterboarders spent the week caravaning around Southern Brazil filming a series for ESPN Brasil called, "Hill Hunters." The crew included Teutonia winner Douglas "Dalua" Silva, Scoot Smith, Kevin "K-Rimes" Reimer, Mischo Erban, Pete Connolly, Ethan Lau, Bricin "Striker" Lyons, Alexandre Maia, Fernando Yuppie, Felipe Cobra, Henrique Stein, Juliano Cassemiro and a bunch of other Brazilian skaters. Erik Lundberg and Justin Dubois also joined us for the first day. With a solid crew like this, we knew it would be a week to remember! Due to a series of unforeseen events, the trip turned into more of an exercise in international friendships and less about skateboarding. None the less, everyone still had an incredible time.
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Teutonia Flooding
Flooding in the City of Teutonia ruined the World Cup event. Photo Marcus Rietema

Prologue- After leaving Teutonia on Sunday, our caravan of eight cars and a pickup truck drove a few hours to Douglas Silva's house near Porto Allegre. We all hung out and then went for a Brazilian Pizza feast. The feast was amazing as they just kept bringing pizza after pizza. After about 45 minutes they switched to dessert pizza's. It seemed crazy but they brought out pizza's with whipped cream and strawberries, banana's and chocolate, ice cream and more. Lundberg and Mischo seemed to be having some sort of a contest and by the end of the night each had consumed around 25 slices! Needless to say they weren't very hungry the next day! Afterward we all made our way back to Dalua's and turned in for the night.

 Daluas HouseThe Hill Hunters gathered at Dalua's house for the first night. Photo Marcus Rietema

Cobra Bed

Felipe Cobra brings a mattress over from one of Dalua's neighbors. Photo Marcus Rietema

Erik 2 1Erik Lundberg works on his 11th piece of dessert pizza! Photo Marcus Rietema

Group Shot
The Hill Hunters pose for a group shot on Day 1. Photo Alexandre Maia

The Hill Hunters Caravan prepares to hit the road. Photo Marcus Rietema

Day One- We drove a few hours from Dalua's house to our first destination of Osorio. We were near the coast and from the top of the road there was an amazing view of the grassy plain below complete with giant electricity generating windmills. The road was intense with a series of switchbacks and sweepers that worked it's way down the mountain through thick jungle.

 Osorio RdThe road in Osorio cut through thick jungle. Photo Alexandre Maia


After the morning session, the police came and it looked like we were going to be shut down. Producer Renata Lopes had a long talk with them and eventually the police let the riding and filming continue! A few of us called it a day and went to a local bar for a lazy afternoon of food, drinks, and games. Striker and Cobra played pool while Ethan and I played chess. Justin Dubois wife and friend also joined us and we had an awesome afternoon. Afterwards we all went back to the Pousada Sitio da Esperanca and took naps in their hammocks. Perfect! That night we had a big dinner, beers and we all talked about the cool day till late. We also said our goodbyes to Lundberg, Justin and the girls since they would be leaving really early for the airport.
Pousada cottage
One of the Pousada's many cottages. Photo Marcus Rietema

Pousada1 breakfast
Fernando Yuppie and Scoot Smith relaxing after breakfast. Photo Marcus Rietema

Pousada1 waterfall
The IGSA's Marcus Rietema at the pousada waterfall. Photo Alexandre Maia

Pousada 1 Group
Henrique Stein, Mischo Erban, Douglas Silva and Alexandre Maia prepare for Day 2. Photo Marcus Rietema

ESPN Brasil's coverage of Hill Hunters Day One

Click on the EXPN Icon to view Hill Hunters Part 1
Day Two- After a big breakfast, we left the Pousada and started the long drive to Urubici. What was supposed to be a five hour drive took nearly ten after a crazy series of events caused by the torrential rain that had washed out the Teutonia race.

To be continued...

Part 2 of the Hill Hunters Series will be published on Tuesday, November 18th.